Check Out Where The Democratic Alliance Has The Most Support In Every Province

With the 2016 Municipal Elections three months away, BusinessTech looks back on the 2014 elections to see where the country’s official opposition party – the DA – has the most support.

The Democratic Alliance was formed in 2000, but has roots in the white-led democratic opposition to the National Party. Through a number of splits and mergers over the decades, it has morphed into the DA.

Support for the DA has grown significantly over the years, as it shifted into a largely multi-racial political group – though the party has struggled to shake the moniker of being a “white party”, having secured the vast majority of white votes in the country.

The party’s politics are rooted in liberal ideals, with centrist economic policies. It stands in contrast to the EFF which is hard-line communist, though it is not completely free-market, including things like affirmative action, BEE and land reform in its manifesto.

As the official opposition to the ANC, the DA has the strongest showing out of all non-ANC parties in every province except Limpopo (where the EFF is the official opposition) – retaining the controlling vote of the Western Cape.

The Western Cape is the party’s home base, where it has 57.3% of the vote – with the strongest showing in the Swartland municipality (65.9%).

The party’s weakest showing is in Limpopo, where it has only 6.6% of all votes – the strongest showing in the Bela municipality, with 18.5%.

In the 2016 Elections, the DA has set its sights on three major metros – Tshwane, The City of Joburg and Nelson Mandela Bay, where the party is creeping up on the ANC’s majority.

  • In Tshwane the party got 31.32% of the vote in 2014 (vs 50.9% for the ANC)
  • In CoJ the party got 29.76% of the vote in 2014 (vs 53.63% for the ANC)
  • In Nelson Mandela Bay, the party got 40.16% of the vote in 2014 (vs 49.17% for the ANC)

The table below details the provinces where the DA has most support – and the municipality in each where it performed the best in 2014.

Province % of the vote Municipality % of the vote
Western Cape 57.26% Swartland 65.92%
Gauteng 28.52% Midvaal 49.55%
Northern Cape 23.36% Hantam 37.36%
Free State 16.24% Metsimaholo 24.65%
Eastern Cape 15.87% Kouga 49.87%
KwaZulu Natal 13.35% uMngeni 30.45%
North West 12.59% Tlokwe 31.10%
Mpumalanga 10.04% Steve Tshwete 20.53%
Limpopo 6.60% Bela 18.51%

The 2016 Municipal Elections will take place on 3 August 2016.

Source: Business Tech


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