DA Holds Slim Lead Over ANC In Tshwane

The DA was inching ahead of the ANC in Tshwane on Thursday, with almost half the votes verified, according to IEC results.

With 48% of the Tshwane vote verified just after 15:00, the DA had 43.1%, the ANC 42.6% and the EFF 10.4%.

In 2011, the ANC was Tshwane’s dominant party, with 55.32% of the vote, while the DA had 38.65% of the vote.

Tshwane’s results on Thursday afternoon closely reflected forecasts by News24 election analyst Dawie Scholtz.

Earlier on Thursday, Scholtz said it was unlikely that the DA or ANC would surpass the 50% mark.

“Based on current trends, both the ANC and the DA are likely to end up with 40% to 45% of the vote,” he told News24

The vote tally on Thursday afternoon for Tshwane was similar to that of its neighbouring city Johannesburg.

With 35% of the vote counted in Johannesburg after 15:00, the DA had 42.7%, the ANC 41.4%, and the EFF 10%.

Tshwane and Johannesburg – along with Nelson Mandela Bay – are South Africa’s most hotly contested metropolitan areas in this year’s local government elections.


Source: News24


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