Creepiest And Weirdest Things Children Have Actually Said


1. This boy who probably needs an exorcism:

I work at a summer camp and one day I was playing with this kid who was jumping off of things and onto me. I said: “Hey, be careful. If you kill me I can’t play with you anymore.” He looked me dead in the eyes and said: “No, but I can play with you.”

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3. This little girl who deserves her own horror movie:

I was babysitting a family friend’s kid, and it was just the two of us in the home. She looked around and whispered to me: “We’re not alone in this house.”

4. This paranormal activity:

My mother was babysitting my daughter while I was at a doctor’s appointment and said: “Oh no, Grandma. Mama’s not coming any more today. She was in a bad, bad accident. She can’t come get us.” I had indeed been in an accident that almost killed me at that exact time. None of my family had yet been notified.

5. This real-life Poltergeist:

I was babysitting and didn’t know how to turn off the TV, so it was just static. My 4-year-old cousin stared into the static and said: “I see the monster”.

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