More Convenient UK Visa Application Service Has Been Introduced In South Africa

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) have introduced a more convenient service to improve their visa application process in South Africa.

The online visa application service Access UK has been made available to customers who wish to apply for a standard Visitor, Visitor (Marriage & Civil Partnership) or Visitor (Permitted Paid Engagement) visa to visit the United Kingdom.

The new service available here, provides a shorter application form with logically-ordered, relevant questions which are based on the customers’ feedback.

The form can be accessed on a mobile phone, reviewed, edited and downloaded at any point before submission.

In addition, the portal allows customers to apply for a visit visa, book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre near them as well as pay online for their application through the standard, priority or super-priority visa services.

Access UK is provided in parallel with the Visa4UK website, but over time all customers applying for visit visas to the UK will be redirected to the new Access UK service.

Visa4UK will still be available as a service for other types of visa applications and customer groups.

(Edited by Neo Koza)


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