How Controversial South African Pastor Prayed For A Couple In Their Bedroom To Set The Mood For S*x

Strange things have happened and stranger things are happening still. This controversial South African pastor who claimed he visited heaven, is back again with yet another strange act.
Controversial South African Pastor who is the founder and leader of Incredible Happenings Ministries, Prophet Mboro, has been filmed in a video clip which has already gone viral online, praying for a couple as they lock lips and about to get down to business in their bedroom.
A screenshot of the video clip
The now-famous pastor told the couple who are looking for the fruit of the womb – a baby, to cuddle and romance as he prays for them in the video broadcast of his ministration. They knelt before him in a gridlock hug with lips merged together and ready to have s*x.
It can be recalled that the popular South African pastor, few weeks ago, left many people stunned after he revealed that he went to heaven and snapped pictures. He even went further to ask for money in order to release the photos he took while he paid a visit to heaven.
Even more recently, Prophet Mboro was reported to have asked his members to bring their panties and underwears for annointing against evil spirits.
Source: Tori.ng

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