Checkout How South Africans Sell Their Cars -Survey results


Selling your car is a big decision – whether it is for financial reasons or to upgrade to a better vehicle – there are many factors to consider. How do you want to sell your car, who will give you the best deal for it, and where is the best place to make the sale.

We conducted a survey with South Africans to gauge their experiences, fears and preferences when selling their cars and discovered the trends and experiences that we have all dealt with. The infographic below depicts the responses of the survey takers, such as that 50% of South Africans prefer selling their car privately than through a dealership.

Of the 85% of survey takers who had previously sold their vehicles, only 64% of them saw a fair selling price as their top priority. Most people would prefer to buy or sell from a physical dealership than online, as over 80% of respondents were concerned about online money transfers when buying or selling online.

Find out more about how we as South African’s buy and sell our cars:

Selling your car can be easy and convenient, when you do so online. CarZar gives you a range of options when you choose to sell your car through them. It is extremely simple, you can apply online, fill in the necessary details about the car that you want to sell, you then get an instant offer, you are able to book an inspection on the date, time and place of your choosing and the same day you will receive your payment.

Find out more about CarZar and how you can use it to get a good price for your vehicle in an easy and convenient way by visiting their website.


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