Checkout South African food Chains You Will Miss When Overseas


Nothing makes you feel further from home than when you can’t indulge in your favourite foods from awesome cafes or restaurants back in South Africa.

Here are nine South African food establishments that we South Africans miss when we are overseas.

Marcels Frozen Yoghurt


Nothing could beat a scoop of cheesecake frozen yoghurt from Marcel’s on a hot summer’s day. Or English toffee. Or litchi. Or any flavour really! And you didn’t have to feel too bad as it wasn’t *really* ice-cream!



Admit it, the thought of those Steers chips with their secret seasoning is making you drool right now. But never fear, you can actually get this seasoning in most South African shops so you can make your own Steers style chips at home no matter where in the world you are!

Mugg & Bean

Mugg & Bean Flickr.com/flowcomm

Bottomless coffee and gigantic lemon meringue pie meant many afternoons were whiled away at Mugg & Bean during uni days. And with the exchange rates these days, it’s hardly going to make a dent in the holiday budget.



When it comes to pizza, Debonairs was top of many people’s list when you couldn’t be bothered to cook. Man can they make and deliver a mean pizza!



Kauai used to be the go-to place for the best smoothies that doubled as lunch! They started with juices and smoothies and then branched out into sandwiches and salads, but their smoothies are just the best!

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket

Top of many people’s lists when they go back to South Africa is the famous Ocean Basket. Their calamari and rice served in the scalding hot cast iron pan is missed by many. And their prawns and their fish and their baklava…



Panarottis Pizza And Pasta was one of the most popular pizza joints across SA, with the most catchy advertisements. They do have some branches in Australia these days so not everyone has to miss out.


spur ribs

Spur is another chain that has successfully opened around the world, but somehow it’s just not the same. It might be the meat or the people in the kitchen but when it comes to Spur, the South African ones always come out tops.


Wimpy breakfast

Everyone loved Wimpy back in the day. Long road trips meant stops for breakfast or lunch at a roadside Wimpy. Wimpy breakfasts were the best and bring back many memories.


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