Check Out Our Top 5 Sexiest Women… You Really Need To See No 3

If sexy belonged to one person in 2016 it has to be Nadia Nakai. This girl isn’t afraid to twerk on request, wear the hottest outfits and flaunt her assets.

Right up there in the booty department is Buhle. This girl has given us enough bum to last a lifetime. Not that we’re complaining. In fact, we’d like to say more please.

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buhle main.PNG

Khanyi Mbau is always ready to serve some sexy and this year was no different. In fact, she upped the game and gave of tons of this.

She may have only dated Itu Khune for a brief period, but Sbahle Mpisane has stolen our hearts. The fitness fundi has given us more than enough body envy to last a lifetime. Why? Cause, damn, she’s sexy.

Seriously, no list is complete without Minnie. This girl manages to bring it every year.

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