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Check Out The Top 10 In Demand Skills In South Africa

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According to research, the number of job applications reaches a high every year around October. This means even more competition out there for those jobs you are applying for.

If you want to be the one to get picked, you have to show that you have all the skills recruiters are looking for. To help you find out which skills you need to update to be more marketable, a large online platform for professionals has analysed billions of data points and has come up with a list of the top 10 most sought-after skills in South Africa.

Top 10 most in demand skills in South Africa

1.       Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

2.       Java Development

3.       Network and Information Security

4.       Mobile Development

5.       Perl / Python / Ruby

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6.       User Interface Design

7.       Middleware and Integration Software

8.       Web Architecture and development Framework

9.       Mac, Linux and Unix Systems

10.     Public Policy and International Relations

Most of these skills are also very high in demand on the global job market.

Top 10 most in demand skills globally

1.       Cloud and Distributed Computing

2.       Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (#1 in SA)

3.       Web Architecture and Development Framework (#8 in SA)

4.       Middleware and Integration Software (#7 in SA)

5.       User Interface Design (#6 in SA)

6.       Network and Information Security (#3 in SA)

7.       Mobile Development (#4 in SA)

8.       Data Presentation

9.       SEO/SEM Marketing

10.   Storage Systems and Management


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