Check Out The Ladies Who Lead In Style

Bianca Frazier, author of Speaking Success into Existence, said, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” Here are four women leaders whose style we admire.

Power dressing is about so much more than making a fashion statement. Women in top-level business positions are often associated with a style that presents them as authoritative in professional and political environments traditionally dominated by men.

What sort of lessons can we take from women such as Lindiwe Sisulu, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Phuti Mahanyele and Azania Mosaka?

Attract the right kind of attention
As a leading style lady, you’re definitely going to turn heads. Make sure the attention you’re getting isn’t because of your cleavage or slits, but rather your exquisite taste.

When in doubt, wear an A-Line
Make the most of your figure. Speak to your stylist and dress for your body instead of dressing to be trendy.

Wear your clothes with confidence
Whatever you do, make sure you own your style. Push out your shoulders, lift your chin (just a little) and strut.

Suit up
Most professional women should have at least two tailored suits in her wardrobe – a businesswoman should have two more.

Keep your heels moderate
The only thing more awkward than wearing a pair of heels that’s too high is watching someone walk in heels that are too high. Moderate platform heels (in neutral colours) work best for the corporate look.

Take a look at four of our favourite power women and their amazing dress sense.

source: Destinyconnect


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