Check Out Successful South African Women On What Inspires Them

High achievers have to be brave in the face of disappointment. Here are a few words from successful women on how they keep their chin up when things get tough.

Most people have a vision of what they’d like to achieve in their lives. Sometimes all you need to believe in yourself is a little push, a word from someone who knows what it’s like to relentlessly pursue your passion, even in the face of adversity.

Last year, DESTINY profiled 40 women under the age of 40 who were making strides in their various fields – bold, dynamic women who had decided to live their best lives. They were featured in the Power of 40 Report, which honoured their various achievements.

We asked some of these movers and shakers to tell us what’s kept them going – their responses are sure to motivate and encourage you to be bold and dig deep to find your potential.

Listen to what these high achievers have to say on what drives them.

source: destinyman


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