Check Out 5 Of The Weirdest S*xual Fetish…. No. 2 Is So Annoying

Fetish is the sexual excitement derived from objects or body parts that are not sexual in nature, it can range from the weirdest object such as cars, tree and so on. It mostly occurs in men than women.

Here are a few that of the weirdest ones we’ve found.


1. Agalmatophiliac

This is sexual attraction towards statues or mannequins. When you see someone getting turned on by a statue or the mannequin at the mall, they might just be an agalmatophiliac or also galateist.


2. Necrophiliac

This is when one derives sexual stimulation from a corpse. Simply put, a corpse fucker is what is called a necrophiliac. One of the most popular necrophiliac during the 19 century was Henry Blot, he said this at his trial. “Everyone to his own taste and mine is for corpse”. He continued to have sex with his wife for seven years after her death.


3. Anaclitism

This is quite troubling but its get them off, this one involves nappy or diapers. It involves the use of infant stuff to get aroused. A typical example is when your man wants to wear the baby diapers to bed. Super weird.

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4. Acrotomophilia

This is love to have sexual intercourse with someone impaired, as in someone who is missing a part of their body, an amputee. They get incredibly turned on when they see an amputee. Adolfus Frederick was the king of Sweden between 1751 and 1771, he was known to have seven mistresses; two of them were one armed, two were one legged, two were one eyed and the last had no arms at all.


5. Dendrophilia

It’s probably the end of the world, this fetish is when people are attracted to trees, and can bring themselves to achieve orgasm by rubbing themselves against the tree.

Which do you think is the weirdest?


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