Check Out The 5 Precious Things We’re Going To Miss About The Obamas (Photos, Videos)

There is no doubt that we’re going to miss the Obamas, but what exactly are we going to miss about them?

1. The dopest FLOTUS!

There aren’t many lauds we can level at the first lady that haven’t already been said. She’s a living icon – not only does she often unlock new levels, she also dabbles in breaking the internet every once in a while, and is also an aspiration – perhaps the aspiration. Also, have you heard her spit serious bars? As her husband started to wrap up his presidency, Michelle Obama recently did some rapping of her own, and boy can she get her freak on.


2. Obama: A rapper’s rhyming dreams

One of the more underrated parts of the Obama era is how rappers have regularly incorporated President Barack Obama’s unique-sounding last name in their rhymes. And can you blame them? Obama rhymes with so many things: Osama. A llama. Yo mama. Botswana. Benihana. Rihanna. No drama… it’s a field day here.


3. Barack’s love for music

What’s not to miss about Obama’s willingness to break into song?  From Jay Z to Amazing Grace, when POTUS croons, the whole world swoons.

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For his last summer in office, he released a more eclectic, more interesting, and more seductive set of musical selection for his official 2016 summer playlist, which runs the gamut from dance-inducing classics such as Prince’s U Got the Look and the Beach Boy’s Good Vibrations to the most recent party hits like Jidenna’s Classic Man and Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rain.


4. Clapback king Barack Obama!

Barack’s witty rebuttals are everything! He deals with haters like a boss. During his State of the Union address, he said that he had no more campaigns to run, which drew applause from the republicans in the audience. But the American president was quick to reply with the ultimate political mic drop when he said: “I know, because I won both of them.”


5. Michelle’s decidedly non-mom wardrobe

We hate to resort to the first lady clothing cliché, but it’s true. We’re pretty sure Michelle makes a number of women want to wear dresses. And lift weights (those arms!).


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