These Cars Are Now Exempted From Paying e-tolls

toll system
toll system source: novinitednes.bg

A Government Gazette published earlier this month, states which cars are exempt from paying e-tolls – it includes light motor vehicles adapted for use by people with disabilities.

Vehicles owned or used by qualifying non-government organisations (NGOs) or non-profit organisations (NPOs) are also exempt by Transport Minister, Dipuo Peters.

According to the Gazette, the following vehicles are exempt from paying e-tolls:

  • Adapted vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Emergency medical response vehicles
  • Fire-fighting  vehicles
  • NGO  vehicles
  • NPO  vehicles
  • Public transport vehicles
  • Rescue vehicles
  • Traffic officer vehicles

NGO vehicles are those vehicles owned or used by a qualifying non-government organisation (NGO) used for conveying persons with disabilities or for the purposes  of health care, welfare or humanitarian purposes or education and development.

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“There is a full rebate for vehicles used by persons to convey persons with disabilities‚ which includes persons who have long-term physical‚ mental, intellectual or sensory impairments and includes medical conditions such as autism‚ mental health‚ epilepsy and loss of hearing,” the South African National Roads Agency Limited said.



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