From Car Guard To Lawyer‚ To TV Star: The Inspiring Story Of Gunya Pamla

Gunya Pamla shares his incredible 14 year journey from car guard to lawyer. Despite the hardships he never gave up on his dreams to become a professional and now works for a top civil firm in Port Elizabeth. He reminds us all to #BeTheException.

From car guard to lawyer‚ to TV star‚ Gunya Pamla is the new face of Profmed Medical Scheme’s television commercial (TVC).

Port Elizabeth born Pamla “gives hope and Profmed believes it’ll resonate with all South Africans from all walks of life” the medical scheme says.

From guarding cars to odd jobs as a gardener‚ Pamla‚ 38‚ of Motherwell‚ did whatever it took to raise funds for his law degree.

It may have taken 14 years but he obtained his LLB from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in April last year‚ a moment he describes as his proudest‚ The Herald reported.

And while money woes and a language barrier may have created hurdles‚ Pamla never gave up.

“It is against this backdrop that Profmed Medical Scheme based its new TVC which is set to launch in June 2016.

“The TVC was created on an inspiring and motivational journey of a young professional who followed his dreams and reached for the stars against all odds.

“Growing up in a disadvantaged environment‚ Gunya Pamla had two strikes against him. Firstly‚ no one in his family had gone to university and secondly‚ there were few opportunities in his community for educational development‚” said Profmed.

In the video posted to Profmed SA’s YouTube channel‚ Pamla says that he is now practising as a candidate attorney at Friedman Scheckter and has been contracted to the firm for two years.

“Before I became a candidate attorney‚ I was a car guard for a long time. On one side I was a car guard‚ on the other side I was a student continuing my studies‚” he said.

An LLB degree at NMMU‚ without any failed modules takes four years to complete. Pamla said that owing to him failing some modules and struggling financially‚ it took him 14 years to complete his degree.

“The main reason why I didn’t give up on my studies was because when I registered for my LLB in 1999‚ I told myself that if I ever feel like quitting‚ I must remember that I never want to start something and not finish it‚” he said.

“I would advise young people that education is important in a person’s life because it opens up many opportunities. For example‚ if I want to make a change in my community‚ I will use my knowledge that I got from school to make the change‚” Pamla added.

According to Profmed‚ The TVC will be broadcast Mondays from 19:30 to 20:30 with repeats on Tuesdays‚ Wednesdays and Monday afternoons.

“Catch the TVC on Monday‚ 6 June‚ airing on “Heartbeat” on the M-Net Channel‚” the medical scheme said.


Source Herald Live


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