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Where To Buy The Cheapest Choccies In South Africa

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Though SA’s chocolate prices have risen dramatically in the past two years‚ chocoholics in the Eastern Cape still get a lot of bang for their buck‚ with chocolate prices so low they can buy enough of the sugary treat to be worthy of the title.

That’s according to data released by Statistics South Africa this month‚ detailing the secret life of your 80g slab of chocolate.

The data shows that on average chocolate prices have risen by 39% over the past two years – ahead of sugar‚ sweets and dessert products in general‚ which was up 21% in the same period.


In May 2014‚ the average price of an 80g slab was R9.52‚ compared with an average price of R13.27 in May 2016.

This means the chocolate bar has risen in price faster than meat‚ which was up 12%; bread and cereals‚ up by 19%; fruit‚ up by 16%; vegetables‚ up by 20%; and hot beverages‚ up by 23%.


The average price of chocolate has also increased more rapidly than that of cake and ice-cream.


If you are thrifty and love chocolate enough to move to the province where it is cheapest‚ you best pack your bags for the Eastern Cape. The average price of a slab there in May 2016 was R11.55.

Chocolate lovers in Mpumalanga were not as lucky. They were paying R13.58 for an 80g slab in May 2016.

In most other provinces in May 2016‚ prices were sitting above the R13 mark:

– In KwaZulu-Natal the average price was R12.87

– In the Free State the average price was R13.15

– In the North West the average price was R13.32

– In the Northern Cape the average price was R13.32

– In the Western Cape the average price was R13.49

– In Gauteng the average price was R13.50

No data was available for Limpopo.


Source: Times Live


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