Bravery! Man Wrestles Burglar Who Grabbed Her Wife

A burglar who thought breaking into a Summerstrand home in Port Elizabeth and helping himself to some valuables was going to be a walk in the park was in for a rude awakening.

According to report, Basil Duvenage, 59, wrestled the intruder to the ground after he heard his wife Beverley’s screams and rushed to her.

“I saw a man dragging my wife, who has arthritis, down the passage by her arm,” Duvenage said shortly after the incident.

Basil Duvenage outside the house in Summerstrand where he tackled the alleged robber. (Cara-Lee Dorfling, Netwerk24)

Basil Duvenage


Police spokesperson Priscilla Naidu said Beverley, 57, had found the man putting valuables into a bag.

“He grabbed her by the arm and she screamed.” 

Basil, who’d been in an outside flat, didn’t hesitate.

“The man [let go of my wife’s arm] when he saw me coming. He stormed and tried to head-butt me. Fortunately, I pulled my head away and used his momentum to throw him to the ground over my shoulder.” 

Duvenage said he held the man’s hands because he was scared that the robber might have been concealing a weapon.

Suspect expected in court

The man apparently screamed at Duvenage to release him, claiming he knew the landlord.

“We stay in East London and have been here for the past four days to help our son with renovations, so I hesitated a bit.

“However, when the man couldn’t say who the supposed owner was, we resumed wrestling.”

The robber fell to the floor and cut his head open, bleeding on the tiles.

“The blood was very slippery, but I managed to pin him down. Before I could even get up, the men in blue were there to arrest him.” 

Duvenage suspects that the man had been watching his son.

“Fortunately the Humewood police were on the scene in a flash, otherwise I might have hurt him – especially now that I know how roughly he handled my wife.”

The cuffed suspect, who limped out of the house, refused help from paramedics for the head wound.

Naidu said the 38-year-old suspect from New Brighton would appear in court soon on a charge of house robbery.


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