How Bishop Moreo Rebukes Malema For “Anti-Christian” Hate Speech

Malema told party supporters at Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal in an emotionally charged address on Monday: “We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people – at least for now”. Such language‚ said Bishop Moreo in a statement published by the Anglican Communion News Service on Wednesday‚ had no place in a free democracy.

“Malema’s vitriolic attack on his fellow white South Africans is sad and a stark reminder that the naked sin of racism is alive and well in South Africa. It is a reminder that racism is as damaging whether articulated by black or white and is no different to the corruption and greed of many in our country – all of which is decaying our land right now‚” he said.

“It is particularly shameful to see it manifest in a person such as Malema.” Such language‚ he said‚ had no place in a country which former archbishop‚ Desmond Tutu‚ dubbed “the rainbow nation” after celebrating liberation from an institutional racist past in 1994.

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“Malema is on record as saying that he may not be a churchgoer‚ but he believes in Jesus Christ and God. Like Mr Malema‚ I also believe in Jesus Christ and God. I too‚ like him‚ am black‚” said Bishop Moreo.

“But unlike him‚ it seems‚ I know that in Christ there is no east or west‚ no north or south‚ but one great fellowship of love.” He added: “Christians can have no truck with this hateful‚ anti-Christian rhetoric. All South Africans can trace the history of their lives to the influence of many people‚ from different races‚ various Creeds and backgrounds.”

None of us exists in a vacuum‚ for all of us are made in the image of God and are dependent on the community of the faiths to which we each belong.”


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