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Biography: 15 Things You Might Not Know About EFF Leader, Juilius Malema

Julius Malema

Below is a quick review of EFF Leader, Julius Malema’s Biography. Sit back, read and enjoy!

1. Julius Sello Malema was born on the 3rd of  March 1981 in Sheshego, Limpopo.

2. His mother was a domestic worker and a single parent.

3. He was raised by his grandmother Sarah, after his mother Florah died of an epileptic fit.

4. He joined the African National Congress’s Masupatsela at the age of nine or ten. His main task at the time was to illegally remove National Party posters.

5. Julius Malema graduated from Mohlakaneng High School in Seshego, Limpopo. He went to Mohlakaneng High School where he made repeated attempts to complete his education. He failed two high school grades as well as several subjects in his final secondary school examination. His highest mark attained at school was reported as a ‘C’ for second language English and his lowest marks were published as an ‘H’ (sub 33%) in maths and a ‘G’ (sub 40%) in woodwork, all on the standard grade. When his high school marks were published online, the ANCYL dismissed the published marks as ‘fake’,  but the South African Department of Education later confirmed the legitimacy of the much-publicized results.

6. In 2010, he completed a two-year diploma in youth development through UNISA. In 2011 he enrolled at UNISA for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and African languages.

7. He was elected as Chairman of the Youth League branch in Seshego and the Regional Chairman in 1995. He became the Chairman of the Congress of South Africa (Cosas) for the Limpopo province, and was elected as the National President of that organization in 2001.

8. Julius Malema became a vocal advocate of nationalizing South African mines – even though the ANC, including Mining Minister Susan Shebang and President Jacob Zuma, made it clear that this was not ANC policy.

9. In April 2010 Julius Malema led a youth delegation to Venezuela to study their nationalization program.

10. He called on black Africans to have as many children as possible so as to increase dominance of ‘our ideas’ in the world at large and help catalyze world revolution.

11. He was listed in Time’s Least Influential People of 2010, whereas Forbes Magazine named him as one of the “10 Youngest Power Men In Africa” in September 2011.

12. He is a Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters political movement which he founded in July 2013.

13. He has a son who is 10 years old.

14. In March 2010, at a rally on a university campus, Malema sang the lyrics “shoot the Boer” (Dubul’ ibhunu) from the anti-apartheid song “Ayasab’ amagwala” (the cowards are scared). “Boer” is the Afrikaans word for “farmer”, but is also used as a term for any white person. His singing was compared to similar chants by deceased Youth League leader Peter Mokaba in the early 1990s, to “kill the boer”, which had previously been defined as hate speech by the South African Human Rights Commission.

15. In July 2011 it was alleged in a report that a secret family trust, of which Malema is the sole trustee, may explain how he has been bankrolling his lavish lifestyle. The report alleged that the Ratanang Family Trust, named after Malema’s son, was registered at the Office of the Master of the High Court in Pretoria on 13 May 2008, five weeks after he was elected president of the ANCYL. The paper further claimed that several senior politicians, companies, mayors, contractors and municipal managers deposited “thousands” into the account in exchange for Malema facilitating deals and pushing their agenda.

16. In 2012, Samuel Manyapye, claimed to be Julius Malema’s father.


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