Here Are The Best And Worst Performing JSE Top 40 Shares In 2016

South Africa has had a challenging first half of the year, suffering through the fallout of “Nenegate”, surviving three credit rating reviews unscathed, and being knocked by an unexpected vote by Britain to leave the European Union.

And there is still more to come: election season is upon us, and investors are keeping a keen eye on the socio-political situation (particularly within the ANC) leading up to yet another rating review in December.

With such a news-heavy first half of 2016, South African companies have had to bear the brunt of many of the blows – all the while battling a stagnant economy and drought conditions putting pressure on consumers.

Thankfully, for most of the JSE top 40, much of the harm done at the start of the year had been reversed by June. An assessment of share performance over the past 6 months shows that 31 of the top 40 shares have grown since January.

However, international strain from the Brexit vote put pressure on companies with operations in the UK, leading to a net loss in share value.

International uncertainty pushed investors back into safe assets, though, which was a massive boon for the mining sector, where mineral companies were by far the biggest winners.

The tables below show the JSE top 40 shares which won and lost over the past 6 months.

Best performing shares

Company Share price January 2016 Share price July 2016 % change
Anglo Gold Ashanti R114.80 R302.59 163.6%
Sibanye Gold R24.17 R61.77 155.6%
Anglo American PLC R64.89 R146.50 125.8%
Anglo American Platinum R173.00 R390.06 125.5%
Gold Fields R43.36 R83.70 93.0%
Glencore R19.95 R34.58 73.3%
South 32 R11.70 R19.31 65.0%
Shoprite Holdings R136.51 R198.24 45.2%
Tiger Brands R292.79 R393.92 34.5%
Aspen Pharmacare R292.33 R378.20 29.4%
Redefine Properties R8.94 R11.35 27.0%
Standard Bank R108.10 R137.18 26.9%
Growthpoint Properties R21.41 R26.44 23.5
FirstRand Bank R32.95 R48.31 23.1%
Rand Merchant Holdings R36.77 R43.51 18.3%
MTN R122.31 R144.25 17.9%
Sanlam R55.14 R64.93 17.8%
Capitec R523.99 R615.24 17.4%
RMB Holdings R52.74 R61.10 15.9%
Barclays Africa R130.92 R150.31 14.8%
Nedbank Group R175.39 R199.33 13.6%
Steinhoff R76.47 R86.10 12.6%
Vodacom R146.42 R163.99 12.0%
Remgro R238.21 R260.23 9.2%
British American Tobacco R826.59 R897.27 8.6%
Naspers R2060.00 R2221.21 7.8%
BHP Billiton R167.77 R175.23 4.4%
Mediclinic* R195.45* R204.13 4.4%
Reinet Investments R30.70 R31.60 2.9%*
Old Mutual R37.43 R38.52 2.9%
Discovery Holdings R124.84 R125.35 0.4%

* Listing started in February 2016 | Share prices taken from Bloomberg, 4 January 2016 and 22 July 2016

Worst performing shares

Company Share price January 2016 Share price July 2016 % change
Brait R161.00 R12282 -23.7%
Richemont R107.91 R8267 -23.4%
Intu Property R69.06 R5392 -21.9%
Investec PLC R106.50 R8659 -18.7%
Bidcorp** R304.00** R26739 -12.0%
SABMiller R927.79 R82969 -10.6%
Woolworths Holdings R94.52 R8559 -9.4%
Mondi PLC R290.88 R27451 -5.6%
Sasol R406.40 R40168 -1.2%

** Listing started in May 2016 | Share prices taken from Bloomberg, 4 January 2016 and 22 July 2016


Source: Business Tech


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