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Here Is The Best Time To Have S*x After Childbirth

Sex after childbirth is a topic that many long to understand. Sex is a vital part of a relationship and therefore we should not take it for granted. But, health comes first. Is it not funny that women tell themselves during labor.  “I will not have sex again, ye, uh, ah, oh …I will make sure he does not touch me again”. Less than 2 weeks after, they are searching for how to go about sex after childbirth. Shaking my head laughing.

Ideal time to wait!

The most advised time frame is 4-6weeks post-partum. Most of the gynaecologist I have seen say 6weeks i.e. 42days. You may be asked to wait longer depending on your own peculiarities. Most importantly, have a good conversation with your partner about the wait and why it is important for health and well being.

Some people claim to have had sex almost immediately. Please do not listen to fables or occurrences form less than 1% of the population to avoid complications and infections.

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If you just had a baby through vagina birth or Caesarean section; it is not best to start sex in the coming 2 weeks post-partum for many reasons. Firstly some women have just undergone episiotomy from natural birth or stitches from caesarean section.

These stitches come with associated discomfort which requires time to heal up.

Also, hemorrhage will be happening. Hemorrhage is the bleeding that follows all types of childbirth.

My advice:

You have done a wonderful job of patiently carrying a baby or babies for 9months. You can apply the same patience with sex after childbirth. Allow your body heal from the hard work completed. You are also nursing a new born baby…You need time to regain your stamina as well.

Your doctor/ gynaecologist will give you the go ahead after checking to be sure you are fine.


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