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Belinda Scott: The ANC MEC Is Ashamed Of Being White Because Of Whites Like Helen Zille


Belinda Scott, ANC’s KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Finance has expressed that she’s ashamed of being white because of the utterances of some white South Africans like Helen Zille.

“The utterances by some of my fellow white compatriots make me ashamed,” she reportedly asserted in Woodlands during a campaign for the vacant Ward 32 in Msunduzi Municipality.

You’ll recall that the ward became vacant about three months ago after DA councillor, Clive Lotz defected to the ANC.

Speaking, Belinda Scott referred to Helen Zille’s colonialism tweets which contended that the legacy of colonialism wasn’t only negative. She said:

“Today I want to speak from the heart. I have been walking today in this ward, (and) I hang my head in shame that the people in this ward support people like Helen Zille, a woman who supports colonialism. Many of you young people‚ you must listen to your mothers‚ fathers and your grandparents and get them to tell you what colonialism means‚” she said.

Many of you young people‚ you must listen to your mothers‚ fathers and your grandparents and get them to tell you what colonialism means.

It means killing African people‚ it means treating Africans like animals‚ it means to silence your voice. A leader of the DA this week said what is wrong with colonialism. Shame!”

“But she’s not the only one,” Scott continued and remarked that DA MP Dianne Kohler Barnard once praised PW Botha’s government and the apartheid police in a social media post.

Also speaking, Bheki Cele, ANC’s national executive committee member accused the Western Cape Premier of saying blacks in the province are refugees.

“Zille said all black people in the Western Cape are refugees, that’s why they are curtailing school intake there and closing every space so that we go back where we come from.

But last week Zille outdid herself. She said colonialism was too nice‚ but she forgot they marginalised us and that’s why we still bask in the sun like spiders and lizards,” he stated.

Last week, ANC issued a statement saying they were appalled but not surprised by the “social media pro-colonialism rant” of the Western Cape Premier.

ANC also asserted that Helen Zille’s colonial comments “are nothing short of the type of posture you would expect from a colonial apologist.”

To the party, “the condescending view by Zille” among other things, exposed her disregard for universal human rights, undermines efforts at social cohesion and, is “a threat to the strides that have been made in the last two decades to foster a society founded on human dignity, the achievement of equality and the advancement of human rights and freedoms. ”

Thus, ANC demanded of the DA to recall Ms Zille if it is truly committed to building a non-racial, non-sexist and equal society.


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