Awesome Good News Posters On Cape Town’s Streets

Artist, Jaco Haasbroek decided to hit the streets of Cape Town to bring some good news and it is very refreshing! His witty headlines and positive posters have created quite a stir – a good one that is.

Last year Between 10 and 5 reported that Jaco decorated Cape Town’s lampposts with posters reading things like “lawyer loses case – finds it in car.” His posters have been making rounds on social media since then.

He explains where he got the idea on his website: “I was driving home and spotted a ‘STOLEN’ pet poster. It’s quite sad when someone loses a pet and then the idea popped in my head that by simply adding ‘Our Hearts’ at the bottom of the poster it would completely change its meaning and turn it into something positive. This idea then evolved into these fictional news headlines.”

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To get some good news updates, you can also follow his Instagram account called thegoodnewsza.

Check out some of the good news posters over here:

good news 13good news 12good news 11good news 10good news 9good news 7good news 6good news 5good news 4good news 3good news 2Good-News-23_LR

Source: The South African


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