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Award Winning Candy Goes Back to her Roots in her New Album

Candy Tsamandebele Mokoena
Candy Tsamandebele Mokoena

Award winning artist Candy Tsamandebele Mokoena says her new album signifies her growth in the music industry.   In an interview on Morning Live, Mokoena says in the album titled “Easy Come, Easy Go” she is going back to her roots, Afro Soul.

“Afro Soul is my favourite sound, from the first album I did in 2005, it was an Afro Soul album which was not well-received because of the language I use in my album, so now I said let me go back to where I started, it is the music that I understand, music I feel…I want to showcase the other side of Candy people do not know. “

Candy Tsamandebele Mokoena

Better known as the voice on Oskido’s “Tsamandebele” the Limpopo born artist has worked with Trevor Mabunda on the album, who also assisted her win the 2009 SATMA Best Sepedi album and a Best Alternative SAMA nomination. Mokoena life has not always been easy for her.

“ I started my musical career in 1993, my son was three-years-old , now he is 26-years old, graduated as a paramedic and civil engineering, when I look back at where I come from, I can see that the road was not easy . “

She says she has worked hard to be where she is now.   “I have been writing for Ringo, Revolution, Rythmic Elements, Dr Thomas Cahuke.  I have been writing good music.”


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