Asikaqedi Campaign

In 2014, South Africans celebrated twenty years since the end of the Apartheid system   – a system known as “a crime against humanity” because it divided and oppressed people because of the colour of their skin. Many lives were sacrificed and many communities were damaged by this system, and in the long, hard struggle to build a united, democratic, non-racist and non-sexist South Africa.

Yet in 2014, twenty years after the end of Apartheid, many people who suffered gross human rights violations in the struggle for freedom and democracy and who sacrificed to give birth to this democracy still have not found repair or healing for the harms done to them during those times. One of the first acts of our new government was to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was envisaged as a mechanism to bring restoration and justice. But today, twenty years later, many victims and survivors have still not found the truth, justice and redress that our country needs.

Khulumani Support Group launched the Asikaqedi Campaign on 29 October 2014, to say:

Asikaqedi – Let’s finish what we started! We need to repair and restore the lives damaged by the apartheid crimes; to give our people the strength to claim rightful roles as active citizens in a democratic, free South Africa. Our victory is not complete when so many are still limping and are still affected by pain and injury.

Read more about the Asikaqedi campaign in the following campaign documents (PDF):

  • Asikaqedi Campaign Brochure – 2014
  • Asikaqedi Campaign – Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the Asikaqedi campaign?
  2. What is Khulumani Support Group?
  3. Our Unfinished Business: South Africa’s TRC  and Restorative Justice
  4. Reparations and Rehabilitation:  What government has done so far
    • a. Paying out reparations
    • b. Individual Reparation Grants (IRG):
    • c. “Closed list”
    • d. “Once-off final payments”: too little to too few
    • e. Education and medical benefits
    • f. Community rehabilitation
  5. Let us finish this! Way forward
  6. Amnesty or Impunity?
  7. Holding business and multinationals accountable
  8. Khulumani Support Group

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