Apartheid Never Ended In South Africa And Is Still Profitable To Many

Apartheid was profitable, and still is.

In 1913, the white apartheid regime in South Africa voted in the parliament a law that took over 87% of the South African lands from the local people and gave them to the white people.

To enforce the law the regime sent in the police and the military to remove people from theirs lands, and parked them into ghettos or the infertile lands far away from the white people.

In 1995, Mandela and its friends voted a law in the parliament to pay… 6,5 TRILLION to White people in order to give the lands back to Black people.

Between 2012-2013 the government used 1,2-trillion to buy the Land from Whites for 100 000 Blacks.

we still have millions of landless Blacks.

As you can see, the White Apartheid government passed and Act in Parliament and take our Land by force. The ANC government passed a parliamentary Act and give White people Trillions for the same land. Let me tell it like it is…. Some people are still enjoying the benefits of Apartheid even now. (via Bali Mthembu)

Why didn’t the ANC government just send the police and military to take back the lands as it was done in the first place?

In fact Apartheid never ended in South Africa. The death of the obstruction Mandela is an opportunity for South African to resume the fight against Apartheid, which his release and subsequent betrayal have stopped.

I don’t want to live in country in africa where a white minority (less than 10%) owns 90 % of the lands they took by force from the local people, and control over 90% of the economy while the Africans are just good as their servants or consumers.

if you want to live in that africa, you are seeding hell, because more and more kids are angry and have red eyes.

Well intentioned ideas like rainbow nation or Mandela the Saint Negro would serve no purpose for the people who are deprived of their humanity in their own country by the white supremacy agenda.

Justice and equality is the only agenda that will save us all. Instead the Black ANC government is wrongfully using excessive patronage, entitlement welfare, and dubious “take some money and calm down” politics to transform the majority of the black people in South Africa into lazy, welfare addicted, government depend citizens.

source: Silicon Africa


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