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ANC Is Useless To South Africa And The World – Isreal


Reacting to ANC’s statement on DA’s leader visit to Israel, Israel insinuated that ANC is now a very shitty political party. To the Middle Eastern country, “ANC has fallen a long way since the inspirational days of Nelson Mandela…” And, useless to South Africa and the world. Below is Israel’s full statement directed at South Africa’s ruling party.

“The Embassy of Israel in Pretoria read with great disappointment the hateful and rambling statement of South Africa’s African National Congress attacking both Israel and a prominent South African politician who is currently visiting our region.

Ambassador Arthur Lenk stated: ‘In recent years, the ANC’s aggressive anti-Israel statements and bias have separated it from the positions of a vast majority of African states and the views of millions of South Africans.’ Once again, the ANC used anti-Semitic language that is beyond the pale in the 21st century. In the past it has used horrific Holocuast imagery to attack Israel. This time it talks of political parties being ‘funded and controlled’ by supporters of Israel, using the oldest and ugliest tropes about Jews in politics.

The absurd abuse of the historic word ‘apartheid’ in connection with Israel is patently untrue and ugly. Israel’s vibrant democracy, economy and society empowers people of all races, faiths and backgrounds. It is the only place in the Middle East where women, Christians and gays have full rights.

Arabs play a role in every aspect of life in Israel. To use such a word is, more than anything, an insult to South Africans of all backgrounds who actually fought against apartheid. Israel remains the only democracy in the Middle East. It has shown repeatedly that it is ready to make peace, as it did with both Jordan and Egypt.”

“South Africa’s history teaches that peace only comes through dialogue and negotiation and Israel remains ready to negotiate, as Prime Minister Netanyahu clearly stated at the United Nations General Assembly last September: ‘Israel is ready, I am ready to negotiate all final status issues.’

If the ANC was a true friend to Palestinians, it would encourage the Palestinian Authority to learn from  South Africa’s history and negotiate with Israel to make peace. Instead, it seems to merely support ‘solidarity’ by aggressively singling-out Israel and hurting chances for peace. Israel remains committed to continuing its partnership with South Africa and its people on all matters, including topics that can help improve lives such as fighting drought, increasing food security, health care technologies and developing innovation.

As a neighbor to Africa, Israel is a strong believer in cooperation across the continent and believes that our commonalities are far greater than any disagreement.”

“The ANC has fallen a long way since the inspirational days of Nelson Mandela who, while clearly had differences with Israel, visited in 1999 and met with Israelis across the political spectrum. His words ‘I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel within secure borders’ gave his critiques meaning and value.

Today’s ANC seems not ready to talk, listen, travel or interact. And it attacks people who do. What a loss for South Africa and the world,” Israel finished.


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