ANC Moves To Replace Madonsela With A ‘Loyal Cadre’: DA

Thuli Madonsela

The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday framed a draft resolution on a new public protector by the African National Congress’ (ANC) leader in the National Assembly as an attempt at cadre deployment.

The opposition party’s David Maynier MP ‏@DavidMaynier tweeted a photo of a parliamentary agenda with the comment: “Today the process to replace @ThuliMadonsela3 with a loyal @MYANC cadre begins in @ParliamentofRSA!”

The snippet posted by Maynier read‚ under the headline “Motions”:

“Draft resolution (Chief Whip of the Majority Party): The the House –

“(1) notes that the term of the office of the Public Protector expires in October 2016; asd

“(2) resolves …to establish an ad hoc committee to nominate a person for the appointment as Public Protector”.

This 10-person committee would‚ the whip moved‚ consist of six ANC councillors‚ two from the DA‚ one Economic Freedom Fighters representative and two from other parties.

In February‚ Corruption Watch launched a campaign to ensure that Madonsela’s replacement as public protector upholds the office as a “cornerstone of South Africa’s democracy”.

That came ahead of the Constitutional Court hearing argument from the EFF and the DA in connection with Madonsela’s report on upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead.

The court ruled that Zuma had failed to uphold his constitutional obligations‚ in a judgment that was widely seen as a vindication for the public protector.

Corruption Watch at the time pointed out that Madonsela – who it said “has earned widespread respect for her commitment to tackling corruption‚ and to holding government accountable…without fear or favour” – ends her term on October 19.

The watchdog’s Bua Mzansi is a “nationwide public awareness and participation campaign to highlight and monitor the appointment process and ensure that it is conducted in a transparent manner and is influenced by public opinion”.

Bua Mzansi is Sesotho for “speak up South Africa”.

“This campaign encourages the public to take an active part in nominating and voting for suitable candidates‚ creating avenues for vigorous public engagement and dialogue about the role of the public protector‚ while also exploring new ways of engaging and amplifying the public voice‚” Corruption Watch said.

“Bua Mzansi aims to ensure that every step of the appointment process takes place in the public spotlight to safeguard the independence and integrity of the Office of the Public Protector and that public voice is influential in making the appointment of the leader of an institution precisely charged with protecting and advancing the interests of the public.”


Source: Herald Live


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