Here 9 Things You Did Not Know About Condoms

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Did you know the Danish word for condom is ‘Svangerskabforebyggende middel’? I bet you did not. But I hope you know that condoms keep you safe from STDs and unplanned pregnancies. I also hope you are desperately trying to get your tongue round that word above, for the time you find yourself in Denmark…Otherwise, here are more fun facts on that very useful prophylactic:

South Korea

South Korean officials were thinking of changing the English word condom to something like ‘ae-pil’ which translates to love and necessity. They were tired of receiving complaints from people with names that sound like ‘condom’. They however gave up on the idea.

Condoms are old

Condoms have been in use for presumably over 15,000 years as suggested by part of a cave painting in France. Ancient Egyptians also used the intestines of pigs as condoms. It is only in the past few hundred years that condoms, like anything else, have advanced rapidly.

Cold war

During the Cold War, the CIA considered air dropping medium sized condoms in Russia to make their women think that American men are better endowed. Actually Russians have bigger penises, but only slightly, about 0.31cm longer.

Condom ambulance

Sweden once ran an ambulance service to deliver condoms to couples who found themselves in slippery circumstances without rubber to fall back on, and I guess people who were just too lazy to go out and buy their own condoms. This was in response to an outbreak of chlamydia among its youths.

Men hate them

Research shows that up to 80% of men have used excuses to wiggle out of wearing a condom. This was a study conducted on about 313 men between the ages of 21 and 30. Some common excuses include ‘I am safe’, ‘don’t you trust me?’, ‘I won’t feel anything’ and ‘I trust you’.  Ladies, insist. No glove, no love.

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Condoms are safe

This is obvious, because they are tested for holes and other imperfections using electric currents. Used properly and consistently, they are very reliable. We should feel safer than Casanova who had to test his own condoms for holes by blowing air in to them.


First rubber condoms were made by the tire making company Goodyear in 1839 when Charles Goodyear discovered a way of vulcanizing rubber. This precipitated an explosion in the condom making industry.


Condoms have been put to very many other non-sexual uses. They have been used in the entertainment industry to waterproof microphones and in the military to keep the barrels of rifles dry or dust free. You can use them at home to keep your phone dry, to start a fire, to hold water, to open a stuck jar lid…in fact, the uses to which it can be put in only limited by your ingenuity.

Chinese fake condoms

This is not as surprising as it is scary. The police seized 2 million fake condoms bearing such brand names as Durex and Trojan. Not surprising again, a bulk of those condoms found their way to Africa, 110 million of them being rejected by Ghana for having holes, no lubricant and generally being substandard.



Source: News24 Kenya


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