9 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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This is an article that is real and we feel most ladies need a bit of education on the male mind and how to relate with their partners.

This article is not scientific facts. It is the opinion of our readers and men that contributed during our research…..

Relationships can be tricky as men and women are very different. Recent times has seen a rise in cheating or so we think due to more of our lives being played out on social media. We researched men via social media and readers for this topic. Check out 9 top reasons why men cheat below….

1.   They want more sex (variety)

Men love to have variety and spontaneity in different areas of their lives and sex is no different. When some women get comfortable in a relationship, they lose the need to let go and have fun with their partner. Boredom has resulted in cheating. According to a reader ‘Cheating flows in the blood of some men’

  1. Outward appearance

Most guys looking for a serious relationship nowadays tend to go for ladies that are simple and classy in terms of outward appearances. Even though the world has seen a rise in artificial enhancements, a lady needs to look presentable. ‘Fixing lashes that look like wind breakers and chicken wings will just send the wrong message to a guy’

  1. Some Men just want to cheat! (No good reason)

There is a saying that most men can cheat for no reason and in our interview with guys, this seems right. No matter how great a lady is in bed, in housekeeping or even personality wise, a man that wants to cheat will cheat. Not your fault girl!

  1. Where is the love” are we really in love?

A lot of guys also cheat when there is no love in the relationship. This could be in the beginning for example when love hasn’t been built yet or could be loss of feelings during the relationship. Loss of connection.

  1. Ego boost/Insecurity

All men have a level of ego and for some men, sleeping with a large amount of women or cheating on a partner is a way to boost ego and ‘feel like a man’

  1. Temptations:

Some men cheat because they cannot resist the sexual appeal of good looking females girls around them.

  1.  Lack of sex from girlfriend/wife

Some women punish their spouse by denying them sex because of little arguments. When guys are really frustrated and can’t hold the sexual starvation anymore, those that are weak will go out and cheat. Some women in long-term relationships begin to loss sexual appetite so their partners surfer and can end up looking outside to be satisfied. According to a male reader…’the weak guys will go out and cheat while the strong ones will get to the bottom of the problem and see how it could be tackled’

  1. She has lost her mojo

Some ladies stop looking after themselves shortly after they get in a relationship. For example They stop getting Manicure and pedicure or even bothering to dress well…..They stop doing the things that attracted the guy in the first place. Due to that, a guy could feel like he is in a relationship with someone else. She has lost the image of the person they fell in love with therefore leading to cheating.

  1. Copycat syndrome

Some guys just do it because their friends are doing it. There is no real reason.


In conclusion, there are many reasons guys go outside of a relationship and cheat but it takes a lot to find strong men that get to the bottom of issues without cheating.

source: Army Media


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