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8 Surprising Things You Never Knew You Can Do On Your Andriod Phone

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Most people these days use device but never get to discover or utilize a quarter of its capabilities.

That’s why I chose to show you these few things you may not know you can do on your Android device.

1. Connect a mouse with your android device


You can connect a mouse, a keyboard or a gamepad using an OTG cable. However, some devices don’t support OTG cables, in such cases you will have to get a Bluetooth mouse and connect like you’ll connect to a Bluetooth headset.

2. Create a recycle bin on your phone like a computer



By downloading the Dumpster app from the play store and setting it up accordingly, you can recover files that you delete like you would from a computer recycle bin.

3. Turn off the music while you are asleep



A lot of us like to listen to music while trying to sleep but don’t want it to continue playing while we are asleep.

You can use the Music Off app on Android to monitor your body movement and determine when you are in deep sleep, and then it turns it off gradually.

4. Continue viewing a tab on your Google chrome that you opened on another device



You can view tabs on your phones Google chrome that you opened on another device so far you are signed in.

5. Monitor your heart rate



You don’t need to see the doctor each time you want to check your heart rate. You can do it right on your phone. By simply downloading the Instant Heart Rate app, you can get this done with ease.

6. Solve difficult math problems



With Myscript Calculator or Fraction Calculator apps your homework just got easier as you can solve math problems from on your phone with ease.

7. Create custom vibrations for specific contacts



With this, your phone may be in silent mode but you can still know who is calling you without having to bring out the phone.

All you need for this is the Contact Vibrate app.

8. Search for anything online by taking a picture of it



With the Google Goggles app, you can easily search for anything online with your camera. You can also scan QR codes with it.


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