8 Secret Beaches on the Sunshine Coast in South Africa

Cape Town – The Eastern Cape probably has the best beaches for surfing in South Africa.

Unlike in Cape Town, the water is delightfully warm and the waves are epic as they come.

Because of its popularity, the beaches along the Sunshine Coast tend to get a bit crowded. And with the Great December Migration lurking, numbers will escalate even more.

Having said that, ‘crowded’ in the Eastern Cape doesn’t compare to ‘crowded’ on the Western Cape beaches. Yet if you’re looking for some place completely secluded, we’ll hook you up.

Here are our 8 Favourite Sunshine Coast beaches to be alone on:

Yes, there is a bit of an influx of people during the summer months, but the small town of Kenton can only accommodate so many people which means there aren’t ever too many sunbathers on the massive stretches of white sand. The Kenton beach has a stunning lagoon which flows alongside the town, too.

Boesmansriviermond is a small holiday town in the Ndlambe district. The village lies a good 25km from Port Alfred, so there’s none of the crammed holiday buzz even in high season. The beach also boasts a lagoon, feb by the Bushman’s River. Kenton-on-Sea lies just across the river.

Boknes is probably the best kept secret of the Sunshine Coast. The small town has only a handful of shops, run by locals. It is close to Cannon Rocks and Kenton-on-Sea, and yet it feels like you’re on a different planet when you’re the only one on its massive beach.  A walk to the nearby Dias Cross is also must if you’re there.

Ashton Bay
If you’re not into the big crowds on JBay’s Dolphin beach, the lagoon and small beach in Ashton Bay is just for you. The bay is on the western side of the Marina Martinique.
Cannon Rocks
There are only 214 locals permanently living in Cannon Rocks, according to the 2011 survey. This should give you an indication of how quiet and serene this beach town is. Cannon Rocks lies just on the border of the Greater Addo Elephant National Park, so you can have your bush and beach escape at just this single destination.

Mpekweni Beach
The Mpekweni Beach Resort occupies a pristine stretch of sand called the Mpekweni beach.  It is constantly praised for being one of the best places to experience pure tranquillity and quietness. If you book into the resort, you’ll have a perfect view of the sunrise over the Indian Ocean…

This minute village lies snugly between two river estuaries north of Port Alfred in the Waters Meeting Nature Reserve. You can basically tan topless in the middle of December it’s so quiet!

Never knew SA had a ‘Hamburg’ too? The Hamburg here has about 100 local residents. It lies just south of the mouth of the Kieskamma River west of East London, and is the perfect spot for fishing and windsurfing. You can also watch the whales frolic in the Indian Ocean from the


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