8 Reasons You Should Never Confess To Cheating On Your Partner

Relationships are fragile arrangements that can only get stronger over time if they have the full support of both parties. If you are in a relationship and have a dirty little secret about infidelity, then your sense may be to confess and get everything off your chest. But the reality is that confessing to cheating may not be the best route to take, especially if you do care about your partner.


Transferring The Pain

If your partner has been faithful, then confessing your infidelity will only bring on pain that your partner does not deserve. Your confession may make you feel better, but all you are doing is transferring that pain to your partner and creating an unfair burden that was not there before.

You Do Not Deserve The Relationship Anymore

When you cheat on your partner, then you have become dishonest towards your partner and the relationship. If you confess, then you will create a loss of trust that may never be recovered. Your desire to cheat on your partner indicates that you do not value the relationship and perhaps, out of respect for your partner, you should leave the relationship to avoid years of pain that may never go away.

The Damage You Do

When you have unprotected sex or sexual contact outside of your relationship, then you are putting your partner in jeopardy. You could bring back a sexually transmitted disease that your partner may have to deal with the rest of their lives. Instead of confessing, you should get tested and take care of any issues before you have any further contact with your partner.

Maybe You Want Out

Confessing an infidelity indicates that you are hoping to be able to pay your penance and repair the relationship. After cheating on your partner, ask yourself if you cheated because you want out of the relationship. If you want out, then admitting to cheating is only going to add insult to injury.

Your Relationship Goals Have Changed

Dating and relationships can become complicated if you and your partner want something different out of your relationship. If you have cheated on your partner, then it is possible that your goals have changed and no amount of confession or apology in the world is going to change it.

The Pain Lingers On

A faithful partner is going be distraught if you break up with them. But that pain is only compounded if you confess to cheating. Instead of burdening your partner with something they will never forget, allow them the chance to get out of the relationship without that added level of pain by not confessing.

A Burden Only You Bear

In some cases, the guilt associated with cheating causes the cheater to decide to never follow that path again. While confessing may make the cheater feel better, it causes undue pain for their partner. A cheater who has been able to reform themselves should carry that burden alone and not destroy their partner’s happiness.

Sometimes The Truth Has To Be Told

If your cheating has put your partner in a bad situation, then you need to confess immediately. For example, if you have cheated with someone who has threatened the life of your partner, then you need to take immediate steps to protect your partner’s life. Whether the relationship survives or not should be secondary to the protection of the person who you had pledged your life to.

Cheating on your partner is never acceptable, nor does it bring any good results. People who cheat should consider the consequences of their actions before they decide that confessing will make them feel better and help the relationship. Transferring pain from one partner to the other is never a good way to strengthen a relationship.


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