Here Are The 8 Best Things About Being Close With Your Grandma

Young woman and her grandmother
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If you were lucky enough to grow up with a grandma, then you know how nice it is to have someone in your family who cares about you in ways that differ from your parents. Your grandparents didn’t have to deal with the day-to-day nuisances of raising you, which means they got to be involved in all the fun parts of growing up.


Here are the 8 best things about being close with your grandma.

1. You Have Special Things In Common

Sometimes traits and interests skip a generation, and you and grandma likely share a few qualities that your mom and dad lack. Spending time painting with my grandma, going on nature walks, and cooking elaborate dinners are the times I’ll never forget.

2. She Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

Your grandma sees you for the best you, and she’ll be the first to give you a confidence boost. No one brags more about you than your grandma, who can’t wait to tell her friends about all the different things you have been up to.

3. She Wants To Make Your Dreams Come True

Grandparents want their kids — and their kid’s kids — to have all the things they never had growing up. They’ll do whatever it takes to help you enjoy the finer things in life. When my grandma saw how badly I wanted a trip to Europe, she and my grandpa were the ones to help take me there.

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4. She Has All The Remedies

I don’t know how she does it, but grandma always has the solution to a stomach ache or the natural remedy for dry skin. Need something to soothe a headache? Grandma will whip up that peppermint tea, and you’ll feel better in no time.

5. She’ll Feed You The Best Food

Nothing says comfort food like your grandma’s cooking. I grew up craving her meatloaf, begging for her to make it every time she came over. If you’re ever feeling down, grandma’s food is the ultimate cure.

6. She Has Fun Stories

Sure, the childhood stories of your parents are fun to hear, but your grandparents go further back in history, making their stories more magical and riveting. I loved listening to my grandma’s stories of growing up in New York and making her way out to California, where she met my grandma while playing tennis.

7. Her Closet Is A Playground

Who needs to go vintage shopping when you’ve got grandma’s closet? Grandma’s got a whole trove of stringed pearls, silk scarves, and crazy sunglasses, and whether you were just playing dress up as a child or going for that retro look as an adult, nothing is more fun than uncovering grandma’s fashion choices from year’s past.

8. She’s Good At Advice

When you need someone to turn to, grandma is always a good go-to. You might not want to share all your secrets with your parents, and sometimes your friends just don’t have the same amount of wisdom as your grandma. She’ll listen to you without judgment, help figure out what’s best for you, and support you no matter what you chose.


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