25 Things Only Low-Maintenance Women Will Understand

Girls gossiping at outdoors cafe in Istanbul
  1. If it was acceptable to wear yoga pants to work, you’d have an outfit for every season
  2. When you actually spend more than 15 minutes getting ready (shower included), the compliments come flooding in
  3. You have a go-to pair of shoes that you wear with 90% of your outfits
  4. Your only pair of heels live in a desk drawer, and are only used when you’ve got an important off-site meeting
  5. You don’t wear anything shiny or with buckles to the airport so you can breeze through TSA like a celebrity
  6. You only put on lipgloss if you’re feeling fancy
  7. In your eyes, there are only three hairstyles: natural, pony, and bun (ok 4: messy bun or ballerina)
  8. One pair of jeans with multiple tees last a whole week
  9. Summer sundress weather is the best, less to match
  10. Your morning makeup routine consists of mascara and…well, that’s about it
  11. Eyeliner? Keep that optical saber away from my eyes!
  12. Wait, there’s a difference between primer, concealer and foundation?
  13. You have a single “interview outfit” and panic when you have to go in for multiple rounds
  14. You almost turned down that killer offer because the attire is “business professional”
  15. Jewelry? One more thing to take on/off each day
  16. Bobby pins and hairbands are the most effective “hair taming products” you own
  17. You avoid the mall like the plague
  18. Your pjs consist of tees and boy shorts
  19. The contacts you spent gobs of money on sit in the drawer because glasses are way easier
  20. You don’t get how or why other women choose to spend 3 hours at a hair salon every 4 weeks
  21. And eyebrow threading? Tweezers work just fine.
  22. You’re never “fashionably late” …because you don’t spend 47 minutes curling your hair
  23. You only go to the gym so you can change into your comfy clothes
  24. You attend events where the dress code = jeans
  25. You’re always up for last-minute trips because you’ve got the travel staples down, and can fit everything into a carry-on – BOOM.

source: simplemost


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