South African Traditonal Wedding

Traditional African Wedding

ZaraZoo has covered plenty of African weddings, but this was our very first Traditional African Wedding ever!

Our coverage spanned over 2 days.  The first day’s coverage was at Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve near East London.  It was a beautiful white wedding, with Tobani dressed in an elegant Maggie Sotero dress and Nizi in a very stylish grey – 3-piece suit.  There were no fewer than 5 bridesmaids looking their best in their soft pink dresses.

The ceremony took place under a massive Ficus tree, followed by an awesome photo session with the couple and entourage in and around the game reserve.  We used the natural grasslands and beautiful natural surroundings to the max – even got a few shots with a massive elephant bull!  Who said we don’t go to all extremes to get the shots! We had the most beautiful light to end off the shoot – an awesome sunset on a stunning winters day!

The evening reception took place at the function hall of Inkwenkwezi, with most of the venue draped in white.

Fast Forward to the traditional wedding day… Well, to explain what exactly happened at the traditional wedding is quite difficult and I am sure it differs in every tribe and region. The morning of the wedding, Nizi and his family went to meet Tobani and her family, dressed in her white wedding dress. Together they walked to Nizi’s home symbolising Tobani taking her first steps in her husband’s home. A singing contest happened between the two families, let me tell you – it was something to experience!  Then the couple changed into traditional outfits, WOW – stunning colourful African outfits!

The Traditional Wedding happened in McClear, about 300km from East London, what a scenic part of South Africa this is! One thing with African Weddings is that they are big, with lots of family and friends attending.  No venue in McClear was big enough, so a massive marquee tent had to be erected on the sports field of the McClear Country Club.  The day was characterised by lots of singing, chanting, traditional dancing, a church choir performing and the exchange of gifts – a day that really brought together two families in every sense.

Interesting fact – In a house where there is a wedding taking place, a white flag is raised outside in order to make people aware of the big celebration happening


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