7 Ways You Will Be Dumped According To Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs help determine a lot of things in one’s life including career, friendships, relationships and in some cases, even how one will be dumped. We’re not saying you absolutely have to be dumped for these reasons, no.

We all have our own quirks and idiosyncrasies, and it’s always a good idea to keep those in check.

1. Virgo
Virgos are very goal oriented and practical. This quality of theirs often leads them to concentrate on work. And we all know that all work no play isn’t a great combo. They’re also very self-critical, but sometimes that criticism escapes their head and they start criticizing others. So what’s the conclusion for Virgos? Learn how to relax, let your hair down and have fun once in awhile. Also don’t be overly critical to yourself or people around you. You don’t want to be that person who constantly nags their partner.

2. Libra
Libras are usually social, diplomatic, indecisive and terrified of confrontation. They’re great with friends and co-workers, but when it comes to making the first step and approaching someone in a romantic way they are paralyzed with fear. They will take way too long to weigh their options, make a pros and cons list and by the time they’ve made up their mind it’s too late. This leads to a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to getting a boyfriend.



3. Scorpio
Scorpios are the complete opposite of Libras. They’re brave, passionate and proud of it. They’re not afraid to speak their mind, even if that means being the one to ask a guy out on a date, or be the first one to say “I love you”. They don’t care about dating rules. They know what they want and they’re out to get it. This is great, but it can also make them seem a bit intimidating. So perhaps try toning it down a bit and let your partner take the lead occasionally or leave some grand gestures for later anniversaries, you don’t need to do everything in the first week.


4. Sagittarius
Sagittarius girls are free spirits. They’re funny and interesting and have a very positive energy that makes people want to be around them. They’re very sociable and find it easy to meet new people and make connections. This naturally attracts men. But here’s the thing, Sagittariuses value their freedom a lot. They don’t like to be tied down. This doesn’t mean they don’t like being in a relationship, it just means that they’re very ok with doing things on their own, without even thinking of letting their partner know. That can be very intimidating for a lot of men and leave them feeling like they’re not an important to a Sagittarius.




5. Capricorn
Capricorns make wonderful girlfriends, wives and mothers. They’re responsible, caring and have a lot of self-control. They love taking care of people. They’re also very traditional and family oriented a lot of the time. They love the idea of getting married, buying a house, having babies. It’s all really great, but there’s no need to rush into that. There’s a time and a place for everything. So try not to scare your partner away by telling them your very detailed life plan for the next 5 years. They might just not be ready for such a commitment.

6. Aquarius
Aquarius girls often find themselves with a lot of male friends, but without a boyfriend. The reason for that is because they’re cool, forward-thinking and progressive. They think before speaking, they’re in their head a lot and they’re not huge on expressing feelings and emotions. So even though they might like someone there’s little chance they’ll tell them or express it in any way. If they are in a relationship the most common problem is that they just don’t let their partner know how much they mean to them, which can come across as cold and indifferent. Work on expressing your feelings, Aquarius, and you’ll be golden.



7. Pisces
Pisces are dreamers. They’re artistic and very in tune with their emotions. They love expressing their feeling and have no problem with showering their partners with love. What they’re not great at is dealing with any sort of problems and issues that may arise in a relationship. They want everything to be lovely and perfect, but relationships take work, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, some things need to be talked about at lengths. So if you don’t want to be dumped, try not running away from problems but solving them instead.


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