7 Things Most Women Do That Inevitably Turn Men Off


Women at times do things that inevitably turn men off, It’s their nature. Though men also do things that annoy women but today we going to focus on the women’s part.

Below are the things most women do that piss men:

1. Nagging: Once in a while nagging or little nagging is okay but making it a daily thing can be annoying, nagging tends to lead to argument between partners. It is normal to complain but when you complain all the time it is a total turn off.

2. Being too chatty: Meaningful conversation is two-sided, being too chatty can be very annoying. A girl that talks too much is a totally turn off to men so limit the way you talk outside.

3. Being too clingy: It’s natural for a woman to want to be close to her man but when she becomes too attached and clingy it irritates men, respect his privacy and give him his space.

4. Being too fake: We all know that when a woman likes a guy they start faking so many things about themselves, no matter what try and be real. Men can deduce when a lady is faking things about herself and it irritates the hell out of them.

5. Flirting or being too friendly with other men: We all hate it when our partner flirt with other people, so no matter who that person is don’t be too friendly when your man is there it will put you in a bad light before him. Flirty can lead to insecurity and jealousy.

6. Talking about your ex: You can talk about your ex only when you and your partner are talking about your exs or once in a while but when you start talking about your ex all the time it will become a turn off for your partner because it only means you are not over your ex.

7. Having issues with guy alone time: Guys always want to have that alone time with their friends and when you start complaining about it, he will start getting irritated, allow him to spend time with his friends so he won’t feel you are trying to isolate him from his friends.


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