7 Things That Will Make Everyone At The Office Hate You

Shot of a group of young professionals working in an office

Working in an open-plan office space can be quite . . . intimate – it’s like living in a professional commune for eight hours every day. Make sure you’re not the hated roommate by avoiding these bad behaviours

The butter in the fridge

For some reason, people think that a full tub of butter in the fridge is butter for the whole office. While one might be reluctant to steal someone’s Coke, or take a quick spoonful from someone’s yogurt, there’s seem to be an aura of entitlement around butter. Please don’t be that person because the day you get caught you’ll be blamed for all the past fridge-theft incidents.

Endless personal phone calls

There’s always that one person, especially in an open-plan setting, who has loud and endless chats with one friend or another on their work phone. This is very inconsiderate and disruptive for, not only the people sitting around you, but the people on the other end of the room as well. If you know you’re going to be a while on a personal call, especially one about your love life or your mother-in-law, rather take it outside.

Air conditioning wars

Oh the air conditioner and an open plan space – like water and oil. Before you switch the air conditioner on, hold a small and informal vote amongst your colleagues who will be affected. If you’ve found that the atmosphere becomes tense, like there’s a large elephant blowing cold air into the room when you switch it on, rather get yourself one of those small desk fans and let yourself breathe easy in your own cold air.

The fish saga

Eating fish of any kind at the office has often been described as “offensive”. Fish has a very distinct and strong smell that’s not often pleasant. If you whipped up a really amazing fish meal the previous night and can’t imagine not enjoying the rest of it at work tomorrow – don’t hold back, just don’t reheat it. Reheating will re-awaken the fishy aromas and send them swimming across the office. There’ll always be that one person who screams “Who’s eating fish?!” and you’ll be met with many a side-eye as you make your way to your desk.


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