7 Reasons Why A Relationship Is Not What You Need Right Now

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Put bants and pressure aside, here are some reasons why a relationship may not be what you need right now:

1. You’re a loner

If you’re the kind of person who loves quality time alone and finds other people exhausting, a relationship may not be what you need. The stresses of a romantic relationship will take their toll for sure.

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2. Your finances have a solid K-leg

If you’re broke, still collect allowances from your parents or don’t have a stable job, my dear, forget dating. You can’t let someone else’s child pay for all the dates and pull your finance weight in the relationship. Sort yourself out first.

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3. You don’t have enough time

There are times when you’re just so busy, be it with work or school, that you can’t handle another person’s wahala. Yup! If you’re too busy, a relationship isn’t for you. People can’t be competing for your attention with your job.

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4. You’re still petty af

If you haven’t outgrown your petty and childish tendencies, you’d find that a romantic relationship requires way more maturity. And we all know age doesn’t equal maturity. So, if you find it hard to forgive and can hold a grudge longer than you’ve been alive, just forget about relationships and work on you.

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5. You’re waiting for The One

A lot of people fall into this category. Waiting for your soulmate is a noble ambition. Don’t mind the people who are pressuring you to date when you know you haven’t met the one.

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6. You enjoy being indoors way too much

Inside the house is where life is. People who love being indoors should forget about dating because it is hard to find people who love being inside as much as you. If you’re not willing to leave your comfort zone, you should forget about relationships.

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7. You’re recovering from a heartbreak

The best remedy for a broken heart is not another relationship. You need time to find yourself and heal so you don’t turn to a Yoruba demon aka player when you date someone new.

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