7 Foods You Should Cut Out After 30

After 30, your body starts going through changes you would never have imagined in your 20s. The production of collagen slows down rapidly and your skin starts losing elasticity. Ageing is an inevitable process that can’t be stopped.

But there are things you can do to slow it down, one of which is to stop eating foods that contribute to ageing. Skip these items when you next go grocery shopping.

Flavoured yoghurt 

Cutting back on sugar is one way to slow the ageing process, but simply going easy on chocolates and biscuits won’t necessarily do the trick. Sugar is hidden in many unassuming products such as tomato sauce, bread and flavoured yoghurt. Many types of flavoured yoghurt have an entire day’s worth of sugar in just one container.

Rather replace your usual flavoured yoghurt with plain yoghurt, and give it a bit more taste by adding sweet fruit.

Fizzy drinks 

These are most people’s worst enemy, even more so if you’re hoping to hold on to your youthful looks. Not only are many fizzy drinks filled with dyes that pose a cancer risk, they’ve also been proven to have a negative effect on fertility, and can result in a lower sperm count. With such risks, it’s probably better you down a glass of water to quench your thirst.

White bread

White bread is a source of refined carbohydrates, which are mostly sugars and processed grains. Refined carbohydrates are hazardous to collagen production, which means you’re more prone to developing wrinkles. Yes, we’re having the dreaded wrinkle conversation! Staying away from white bread might not keep all the wrinkles at bay, but you can do without adding a few extra lines to the existing ones.

Caffeine, especially iced coffee

Our skin is exposed to many elements during the day, mainly UV rays from the sun. But the good news is that while we sleep, our skin is awake and repairing itself through the night. Drinking too much caffeine interrupts your quality of sleep and could age the skin prematurely because it isn’t given enough time to rejuvenate. Then there’s iced coffee, which is often drunk through a straw – which can quicken the rate at which your skin ages. Sound crazy? Not really. Studies have suggested that repetitive movements of the face, like drinking through a straw, can cause wrinkles and lines. So if you really need your caffeine fix, perhaps a hot cup of coffee is a better choice.


Margarine is often made with partially hydrogenated oils which fall under the category of trans fats. There is a close link between partially hydrogenated oils and heart disease. They also make your skin much more vulnerable to UV radiation, which in turn speeds up the skin’s ageing process.

Bacon ?

You might have been going through this list thinking, “I can cut out this, I can cut out that – but I won’t cut out bacon!” We understand – bacon is one of the best things that could ever have happened to breakfast! But 68% of the calories in bacon come from fat, and a lot of it is saturated fat. Besides the health implications, which include weight gain and an increased risk of stroke and heart disease, saturated fats also speed up the skin’s ageing process because they cause structural changes in collagen and the skin’s elastin. It’s a tough ask, we know.

Hot dogs

A recent study found a link between processed meat, such as hot dogs and salami, and a low sperm count. One would assume that the main culprit is the saturated fat content found in these items, but that wasn’t the reason. Researchers suspect it could be to do with the processing of the meat that’s having a bad effect on sperm count, but the results weren’t conclusive.


Source: Eat This\Destinyman


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