7 Fierce Olivia Pope GIFs For Women In The Workplace!!


Gender inequality in the workplace is an issue women are faced with on a daily basis, not only in South Africa but worldwide. Men are paid more and aren’t seen as out of place when holding positions of power, while women work twice as hard for recognition. And once they’ve worked their way up the corporate ladder there is the constant need to prove themselves. Even more so as a Black woman.

Recently, Black women in the US took to the interwebs using the hashtag, #BlackWomenAtWork to voice their experiences of discrimination from men in the workplace after Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, made ugly remarks about U.S. Representative Maxine Waters. During a segment on Fox & Friends, a clip of Waters giving an impassioned speech addressing Trump voters was shown. Instead of O’Reilly assuming his role as an anchor, and providing a sound rebuttal concerning Waters’ speech, he instead made childish comments about her hair.





#BlackWomenAtWork are sharing their experiences. Are you listening?



Soooo, we’ve looked to Olivia Pope from The Fixer for some woman power inspiration. Kerry Washington’s role as Olivia Pope is the no nonsense, go-to woman to make things right. There are no signs of an inferiority complex to this protagonist role and we all need to be a little more Olivia.

1. Don’t doubt yourself, confidence is key. When given a task at work, your colleagues should already know you’ve got it handled.


2. As sad as it is, in comparison to our male counterparts, we have to really put in the work to be noticed. But like Olivia says…You have to be what? Twice as good!


3. Be the best at what you do, be better than anybody else.


4. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said “well behaved women, seldom make history”. So if you want to be great you need to define your own rules for success.


5. Never give up because you’re never out of options.


6. Know your worth and get what you deserve.


7. Don’t be too nice. Your job and career isn’t about making a “bestie”. So say what you need to say and if you’re being treated unfairly, then like Olivia Pope, speak up.



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