7 Everyday Habits That Cause Body Odour

Here are seven habits that affect your body and can cause unpleasant body odour.

1. Unshaved pubic hair: Sweat is trapped in unshaved pubic hair, bacterias multiply and it generates a heavy body odour. Even if you take your bath several times a day the odour still remains because there is no way you won’t sweat, so at least trim it from time to time to avoid smelling badly.

2. Neglecting personal hygiene: If you are that kind of person who hates bathing, be ready for the bad odour. When you are not bathing regularly, bacteria on your skin multiply faster, hence, the unpleasant smell.


3. Damp clothes: Wearing damp clothes can cause foul smells because naturally wet clothes smells> Be sure to fry your clothes properly before putting them on to avoid foul smells.

4. Wearing footwear without socks: Apart from the fact that wearing footwear without socks generate bad smells, this habit also leads to fungal infection so you better stop doing that.  The feet sweat gets trapped inside your shoes, and, since there is not much air circulation, it produces a strong smell. Use some ointments or powder before wearing socks.

5. Eating certain foods: Certain foods like Garlic, red meat, curry, broccoli, cabbage can cause body odour. Try taking a bath and brushing your teeth after eating these foods. Also, consuming too much sugar and sweets can be blamed for body odour.

6. Alcohol: People who drink on a regular basis have a specific body odour which they can’t get rid of even after chewing a gum. The best way to prevent it is to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume.

7. Smoking: Everybody knows that smoking causes bad breath. What is more, the odour starts coming through the skin pores, too, and lingers for a long time even after you quit. Second-hand smokers are also ‘basking’ in the ‘aroma’.




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