Nursery School Teacher Caught Working As Prostitute

A young nursery teacher was caught on camera providing sexual services to a man, who later leaked the video to the Internet.

Katya Gorlova, 22, also known as Nastya Monpasye, is being investigated after a saucy video showing her working as a prostitute appeared online.

The footage shows a nursery school teacher accepting money, around 3000 rubles (N7600), from her male customer before being engaged in sexual activity. The girl’s secret life came to light only after one of the parents reported her  to the kindergarten administration.

Katya has denied all the accusations and shared her view on the incident: “We’ve met and chatted for a bit, then we had sex but I didn’t know he was filming it. I did not pay attention to the money he put on the bed. Before leaving he said:”It’s for you. All of them.” I took cash and that’s it.”

Ministry of education has already launched inquiry into the incident, to determine whether Ms Gorlova was really working as a part-time prostitute or it was a setup. The woman herself plans to sue the man who leaked the footage online for blackmail and violation of personal integrity.

teacher prostitute

The controversial news has sparked a heated discussion among internet users, with the majority condemning the woman’s behaviour, while others tried to justify her actions by a small salary.

On of them said: “I am not surprised she does it taking into account the amount of money she gets. Unfortunately people survive any way they can.” Another one added: “What is the problem? The children attending a nursery are unlikely to be her key audience.”Prostitution in Russia is illegal, but it is not a serious crime. The punishment for engagement in prostitution is a fine from 1500 up to 2000 rubles. However, organizing prostitution is punishable by a prison


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