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Celebrities With Beauty Lines

aving projects on the side that allow us to pursue our passions and talents is fairly common. However, more often than not, we do not quite have the popularity or social prominence to become the spokesperson for our own brand of products or services. For celebrities, on the other hand, this is far from the case as they can pursue both their careers and their passion projects without the fear of losing time or money.

One of the biggest passion projects for most Hollywood celebrities involves makeup. Since all celebrities are constantly worried about their beautiful looks both on and off the silver screen and red carpets, makeup is a surefire way to engage fellow industry stars. Who doesn’t want to look their best among other A-list celebs?

As women all know, finding the perfect makeup can be extremely difficult, often becoming a chore and hassle. While most women have to suffer through the search, celebrities can afford to make their own solution. With money at their fingertips, celebrities employ some of the top consultants to create and design makeup lines that work for them, many of which have become great success stories in the consumer market.

Which makeup lines have been successfully launched by leading Hollywood ladies? Here’s our list of 12 makeup lines that stand out among the rest because of their success and their history. Some of these leading ladies wanted to help the environment while others wanted to pay tribute to family members. Who made the list and what are their brands? Let’s start our list of 12 with a young singer who is well in control of one of the industry’s leading companies.

Rihanna, RiRi Hearts MAC

RihannaRihanna’s real name is Robin Fenty, but do not ever call her that. At only 27, the singer from the Barbados region has achieved more in 10 years that many singers hope to accomplish in a lifetime. Rihanna got her start by meeting a record producer through a friend. She then sent in her demo to many interested parties, which included Jay-Z. Jay-Z ended up signing her to Def Jam records and, the rest is history.

Rihanna has made many strong network connections and, as a result, has a lot of powerful friends. The majority of these friends are at one of the biggest cosmetics producers in the country, MAC. MAC has used many singers, actresses and models in the past, but they have never given them the full reigns to the cosmetic wagon to design their own products. Rihanna became the first to be given the honor as she has launched her own line with her own look, in which lipstick is, of course, a big part.

Drew Barrymore, Flower

Drew-BarrymoreDrew Barrymore was born into the successful Barrymore family back in 1975 in southern California, and has had a career of ups and downs. With a promising career that started by landing big roles at a very young age, Barrymore fell into trouble during her pre-teen and teen years. Barrymore later bounced back in her adult life (except for that weird marriage to Tom Green), and has solidified her place as an A-list actress ever since.

Barrymore’s acting success as an adult translated into the makeup world with the launch of the Flower line in 2013. Barrymore worked with CoverGirl’s design department to create the line, and later became the spokeswoman for the company. The focus of Flower is to provide a line of cosmetics that look and feel good, but that can be sold at Walmart prices. A forward thinker, Barrymore’s line is featured exactly as intended, in Walmart, and offers a full range of cosmetics at affordable prices.

Jessica Simpson, BeautyMint

Jessica-SimpsonJessica Simpson comes from the heart of Texas, was born to a minister and served as part of the youth choir at her church. Simpson tried to get on “The Mickey Mouse Club” but did not get selected for the ever-popular mouse club. Simpson, thankfully, did not let that get to her, and ended up embarking on a successful music career after she signed with Columbia Records at just 16 years old. Simpson’s career includes seven Top 40 singles, with many of them reaching the top 20.

Simpson has been passionate about cosmetics for a very long time. She is not just interested in creating makeup, but is also interested in selling it as a form of business revenue. Simpson has many different products for bed, bath and beauty that are sold across the world, many of which can be found on her website, BeautyMint, which is the brainchild of Simpson and Nerida Joy and serves to create products specifically for each customer to use.

Alicia Silverstone, Juice Beauty

Alicia-SilverstoneIt seems like it has been forever since Alicia Silverstone first broke onto the big stage, so it might be hard to believe that she is only 38 years old. Silverstone was born in California to British parents and started her career at a very young age by starring in commercials. Silverstone’s big break came as the lead in the movie “Clueless,” which, based on the previews, seemed like it would be dumb, but actually ended up meeting great critical success.

Silverstone is a die-hard vegan, which means that even makeup that has been tested on animals or ones that use animal products are a big no-no. Silverstone wanted to come up with a line that eliminated the involvement of animals completely and, as a result, created Juice Beauty. The makeup is far from being the fanciest in the world and is not sold at high end department stores, but Silverstone doesn’t mind since the focus of the products is to be more environmentally and animal friendly.

Kat Von D, Kat Von D At Sephora

Kat-Von-DKatherine von Drachenberg is better known as Kat Von D. Though her name might sound like she is from Germany, Kat Von D was actually born in Mexico and was raised in the United States. Kat Von D is a prominent tattoo artist who has also had some success in the music and television industries. The world became familiar with Kat Von D when “LA Ink” was first broadcast by the TLC Network with Von D as one of the larger, leading personalities.

As a tattoo artist, Kat Von D is obviously a huge fan of making some alterations to the human body. Makeup is another one of her favorite ways to do so. Kat Von D’s makeup line is higher end and includes eye shadow, tattoo liner and mist to keep makeup in place. Von D’s line of products are all sold at Sephora, and are easily able to make you look like a rock star according to the tattoo aficionado.

Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian, Khroma Beauty

The-KardashiansBefore Kim and the Kardashian sisters grew to current standards of fame, many people were already familiar with the Kardashian family. The father of the Kardashian girls was Robert Kardashian, one of the attorneys in the famous OJ Simpson murder case in the mid 1990’s. The other set of sisters was born to Bruce Jenner, a former Olympic gold medalist. The matriarch of the family, ever-present and in control, is Kris Jenner. You can catch the Kardashians in one of the seemingly endless series broadcast by the E! Network.

The Kardashian sisters have opened up a series of clothing stores under the name ‘Dash,’ but they have branched out beyond clothing and into makeup. With as much camera time as the Kardashians get, they needed a makeup that they could use and promote, which is where Khroma Beauty originated. The line includes fake eyelashes and facial palettes with a special one made by each sister.

Cindy Crawford, Meaningful Beauty

Cindy-CrawfordCindy Crawford was born and raised in the small Illinois town of DeKalb, where farming corn is one of the biggest pastimes. One summer while Crawford was detasseling corn, her photo was snapped and put into a newspaper when she was just 16 years old. A lot of people said that Crawford was pretty enough to be a model and, thankfully she listened to them. Crawford has since had a long and successful career as a model that has netted her millions of dollars.

Crawford is still revered for her looks, causing many people to believe that she either has discovered time travel or the fountain of youth. Crawford says that the reason she is able to look so young is by using her own line of cosmetics. Crawford released the cosmetic line called Meaningful Beauty, which was designed by dermatologists to prevent signs of aging with extracts that rejuvenate the skin. Though we are certain the makeup is great, we have to guess that genetics are also in Crawford’s favor.

Salma Hayek, Nuance

Salma-HayekSalma Hayek started out her career in Mexico as an actress in one of the many telenovelas that the country has to offer. Hayek became one of the most prominent actresses in the genre and set off to Hollywood to start a career that would broaden her horizons and challenge her abilities. When we were first introduced to Hayek in “Desperado,” many people were taken aback by her beauty. After two decades in the United States and a successful career launch, Hayek has had multiple hit movies in her repertoire.

Hayek comes from a family history of makeup design as her grandmother was a beautician and even created her own cream for facials. Hayek is also a big proponent of not testing makeup on animals, so she combined the two backgrounds to create Nuance. The line offers both makeup and skin treatment at a reasonable price. If you have not seen the line yet, there are about 3 million CVS stores where Nuance is sold.

Katie Holmes, Alterna

Katie-HolmesKatie Holmes never starred in a television show before 1998, in which her first part ended up being a leading role spanning over 120 episodes. That show was “Dawson’s Creek,” where Holmes played Joey Potter and consistently taunted a growing fan base of teenage girls by not loving Dawson in return, most of the time. From the show, Holmes has had the most prominent acting career with big roles in movies such as “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” and “Batman Begins.”

Katie Holmes got into the makeup game with a couple of different companies. At first, Holmes created her own line and later served as the spokeswoman for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, which is a very successful company that has been around for ages. After that, Holmes became part owner of Alterna and lent her face to that company as well. You might have to save up for Alterna, since many of the makeups are so luxurious that caviar is one of the main ingredients.

Victoria Beckham, V-Sculpt

Victoria-BeckhamCurrently, many people know Victoria Beckham as the wife of the famous former soccer player, David Beckham, but there was a time when she was more famous than her husband. Victoria was a member of the Spice Girls (as Posh Spice), and the group was the biggest act in the United Kingdom for a period in the late 1990’s. Beckham’s music career never found success as a solo act, but she is doing just fine for herself in other ventures.

It now seems as though Victoria and David Beckham spend all of their time between parenting to promote products. Makeup has been a huge method of revenue for Victoria, who launched the V-Sculpt line in Japan. The line is not the kind of cosmetics you find at pharmacies since only high end stores carry the products, not to mention that the line itself is quite large. Basically, any makeup that you could want is part of the popular V-Sculpt line, giving you more than enough opportunity to look like the beautiful Mrs. Beckham.

Heidi Klum, Very Sexy Makeup Collection

Heidi-KlumHeidi Klum is originally from the country of Germany (back when West Germany was still an entity) and became involved in a modeling contest at a very young age. There were thousands of contestants who entered, but Klum won and was quickly signed to a contract. Just five years later, Klum was put onto the cover of the famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and has been modeling ever since. Perhaps her most recognized work is as a longtime Victoria’s Secret Angel for their countless fashion shows.

The partnership between Klum and Victoria’s Secret has been a very successful one and is not limited to just modeling. Klum sold a line of makeup exclusively in the Victoria’s Secret stores, which was simply known as the Very Sexy Makeup Collection. Klum has also worked with other makeup companies to develop and launch anti-aging makeup and skincare products that have been on the shelves for years.

Jwoww, Daily Beauty Maintenance Complete Facial Regime

JWowwJennifer Farley (better known by her ‘Guidette’ name of JWoww) grew up in New York and is a lot smarter than she leads fans to believe from her roles on television. Farley was once the owner of a graphic design company, and was later selected to star on the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” The show had millions of viewers and started the popular trend of everyone searching through their family history to see if they had any trace of Italian heritage.

While someone who was on a show like “Jersey Shore” might not be the first person you go to for makeup advice, that has not stopped JWoww from coming out with a successful line of cosmetics. The name of the products are part of JWoww skincare that includes moisturizers and creams to keep you looking young. It wouldn’t be “Jersey Shore” without the T in GTL (tanning), but don’t worry, JWoww has products in that department, too.


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