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Check Out The Weird celebrity Diet Tricks

We all know how hard it is to lose weight and how defeated we can feel at times when the pounds don’t shed off as quickly as we would like. Though this frustration is valid, imagine the pressure that celebrities feel in having to look their best, which is often considered to also be their thinnest. Whether celebrities are standing in front of a packed auditorium or modeling in a bikini, some of the biggest stars in the world have faced the ever-present challenge of weight loss.

While cutting our calorie intake and jogging a few miles each week is usually recommended for most of us seeking to drop weight and keep it off, celebrities do not have it quite so easy. In leading roles, celebrities are often asked to provide outrageous results such as dropping 20 pounds in a single month to meet the physical requirements for a newly landed role. This need for quick results is where celebrities tend to get creative and drastic with their weird weight loss tricks.

Which celebrity diet tricks are the weirdest and how well did they work? Not only are these tricks considered very strange, they are also highly criticized by medical professionals for good reason. Obviously, reducing your calories and exercise will not bring normal folks down to a size zero in a matter of weeks, so try your best to avoid any of these tricks and stick with a healthy routine. Trust us as these tricks are purely for entertainment purposes only. How strange are they? Let’s get started!

Vitamins & Supplements Diet, Adriana Lima


Vitamins-Supplements-Diet-Adriana-LimaA lot of us want to lose weight, but not all of us have to look our best in front of millions as a Victoria’s Secret model featured in the yearly fashion show. For the week and a half leading up to the show each year, Adriana Lima takes her weight loss to the extreme by cutting out all solid foods, period. During this week and a half, Lima only ingests vitamins and supplements, in pill form and through shakes.

Lima stops the shakes on the day of the fashion show, as she does not want to appear bloated in front of the large audience. However, Lima does not only stop the shakes; she also does not eat or drink a single thing during the day so she can dehydrate her body. If you ever become envious while looking at her during the show, just remember that she is going through some temporary suffering and dangerous dehydration on camera.

Air Diet, Madonna

Air-Diet-MadonnaThink of the most delicious food in the world, something that you could eat day in and day out forever. Now, imagine that the food is sitting in front of you and you cannot eat it. If that sounds awful, it’s because it is. As crazy as it sounds, this is what Madonna does when she wants to drop pounds, which is what she calls the Air Diet. Apparently, in the Air Diet, you are supposed to feel full by preparing a meal from scratch and placing it in front of your face.

Madonna does something afterward that is characteristically weird enough for only Madonna: she ‘eats’ the air above the meal to try and trick her brain into thinking that she has actually eaten the meal. You obviously have to have something going into your body so that you can still function, so Madonna only sticks to water and soup to basically stay alive. Mmm, can’t you just taste that delicious air right now?

Smoothie Diet, Jessica Simpson

Smoothie-Diet-Jessica-SimpsonMany people criticized Jessica Simpson for the amount of weight she gained during her pregnancy and it is no doubt that she definitely heard the remarks. Simpson wanted to show everyone that she could bounce back to her prior weight and went through a drastic diet change to accomplish that feat. How did she drop the weight? She followed the smoothie diet, which included different phases, all of which lasted a little over two weeks.

The first five days of the diet consisted of three smoothies and two small snacks. Eventually, Simpson switched to one smoothie with two regular meals. The results were pretty astonishing for Simpson, who shocked everyone by bouncing back to her pre-baby body very quickly. You really have to love smoothies to want to be a part of this diet. Unfortunately, the smoothies from Jamba Juice or Orange Julius just won’t cut it with this weird diet trick.

Vinegar Diet, Megan Fox

Vinegar-Diet-Megan-FoxMegan Fox has been the leading lady and eye candy in a lot of movies that include “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body.”To maintain her great body, Fox has taken to drinking vinegar. That’s right, drinking vinegar. Before each meal, Fox will drink apple cider vinegar, which still tastes nasty, but not as nasty as regular vinegar. Why does Fox torture herself with vinegar? Vinegar acts as a detoxifying agent, which cleanses the body of anything in the digestive system, including food, apparently.

Fox has said that she doesn’t like to count calories or spend any time on the treadmill, so she had to find a way to somehow eliminate the extra calories. Obviously, drinking vinegar is not a healthy way of going about it, but it seems to work for her. The long term effects of a diet like that will eventually take its toll, though, so you should not resort to drinking vinegar before every meal. Even at the minimum, it is just plain gross.

Ballet Diet, Natalie Portman

Ballet-Diet-Natalie-PortmanNatalie Portman has never been considered overweight in her entire life. People would say that she does not have 20 pounds to lose on her body but, Portman went ahead and lost the weight anyway. Portman did not lose the weight because she felt that she was too heavy; rather, she dieted in preparation for a role in the movie, “Black Swan.” If you have not seen a ballet dancer, they tend to be on the extremely small side of the size spectrum.

Natalie Portman would eat around 1,200 calories per day, which seems like a normal amount for someone her size. This calorie intake would be enough to help her maintain her weight, or even lose a couple of pounds. However, Portman hit the gym for ballet and cardio but, rather than spend on hour working out, she worked for a minimum of five hours each day. Talk about being committed to a role!

Color Diet, Christina Aguilera

Color-Diet-Christina-AguileraChristina Aguilera has seemingly been on a weight rollercoaster over the past five years or so. We have seen her size expand and contract quite rapidly and, one of the ways that Aguilera cuts weight is by following the color diet. This diet is only seven days long and is quite bizarre when you break it down. During each day of the week in the program, you are only able to eat foods that are the same color.

For instance, the first day of the program lets you eat foods that are white (such as eggs and cauliflower) and works its way through the color spectrum. None of the colors are brown or black, so meat is not included in the diet, which makes the primary source of calories come from fruits and vegetables. The easiest day to follow would be green since you have a lot of options, but good luck going a full day of eating just grapes and eggplant on purple day.

Liquid Diet, Beyonce

Liquid-Diet-BeyonceBeyonce has always been praised for her curvaceous body and workout regimen that many of us would have trouble following even at our strongest and healthiest. For the role of Deena Jones in the movie “Dreamgirls,” Beyonce had to sacrifice some of her curves to play the very slender character. Beyonce only had two weeks to get to the same size as Jones, and because of the short timeframe, opted for a liquid diet to get there. There is nothing special in the diet as it is exactly as it sounds: completely liquids and no solid foods.

Beyonce was able to drop 20 pounds in the two weeks to achieve her goal, but had to drink salt water with laxatives each morning: fun! A meal for Beyonce during the fortnight consisted of lemon juice with pepper and water. It was likely absolute torture for Beyonce, but at least she got what she wanted. It is definitely a good thing that she did not continue the regime as the long term effects of this diet can cause severe health problems.

Cookie Diet, Snooki

Cookie-Diet-SnookiHow do you go from someone people tease for being overweight to a slim knockout, even after having a baby? By eating cookies, of course! To lose weight on this diet, you have to avoid the cookies that you are now thinking about (and probably drooling over). Snooki ate only 90 calorie cookies, claiming that she ate only a half dozen of them every day during her weight loss journey.

Snooki also ate one tiny meal in addition to the cookies, which still only brought her daily calorie total to fewer than 1,000 (which you should avoid if you aren’t 4’9” like Snooki). These were not just the run of the mill sugar cookies that Snooki was eating, as they contained a lot of proteins to help her feel satisfied. Perhaps the hardest part of the diet was limiting the amount of booze that Snooki was accustomed to drinking before, but of course you have to give it up when you are pregnant.

Baby Food Diet, Reese Witherspoon

Baby-Food-Diet-Reese-WitherspoonSometimes when you have a baby, you can be a bit bummed by the extra weight that being pregnant leaves behind. You might also find yourself wanting to be the same weight as the baby so, you start eating all of its food. Alright, so Reese didn’t steal her child’s food, but she did resort to eating pretty much the same diet to help her lose the baby weight. Witherspoon had a normal meal for supper, but only ate baby food for the first two meals of the day.

Baby food is pretty cheap (if you are an adult), so it saved Witherspoon a lot of money and took zero time to prepare outside of opening a jar. Since babies need a lot of vitamins to develop, the foods are packed with them and can even be beneficial to adults. This, however, does not mean that adults should have a diet that consists only of baby food. The last we checked, vitamins come in a variety of forms, many of which taste far better than baby food.

“Les Miserables” Diet, Anne Hathaway

Les-Miserables-Diet-Anne-Hathaway“Les Miserables” is a pretty depressing movie where the majority of the characters are starving, dying, or both. Anne Hathaway happened to play one of those characters, Fantine, who faced both of those problems. To look the part of a starving person, Hathaway had to starve herself and shed 15 pounds from her already slender frame. Hathaway did eat during the process, but not enough to be considered anywhere in the same zip code as healthy.

Hathaway ate a total of two squares of oatmeal paste each day. That’s it, just oatmeal paste. Oatmeal is what you eat for breakfast when your cupboards are completely bare and you are desperate. But, it is also what Hathaway considered a full meal for a few weeks. It worked, as Hathaway looked the part, but she would definitely not suggest it to anyone who has a sane mind in their heads. As a matter of fact, none of these diets are suggested for the general                                                                                    public



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