List OF South Africa Presidents

List of Presidents of South Africa Flag of South Africa

Leaders, Presidents and Heads of State of South Africa.


1st: Swart, Charles Robberts 2nd: Donges, Theophilus Ebenhaezer
3rd: Naude, Jozua Francois 4th: Fouche, Jacobus Johannes
5th: de Klerk, Johannes 6th: Diederichs, Nicolaas
7th: Vorster, Balthazar Johannes 8th: Viljoen, Marais
9th: Botha, Pieter Willem 10th: de Klerk, Frederik Willem
11th: Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla 12th: Mbeki, Thabo Mvuyelwa
13th: Motlanthe, Kgalema 14th: Zuma, Jacob

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