How to choose the right partner in your relationship

How many people believe in love at first sight?

Why are few couples happy after many years of marriage? That’s because if people knew how to find and keep the right partner there wouldn’t be many divorces.


If every child grows up with parents who truly love each other, imagine how the world will be like.

Love is biological, mental and chemical and the two sexes have fit well together from time immemorial.

They say love is blind and that’s not false because a person who falls in love is blind to his partner’s faults. When you fall in love with the wrong partner, you are blind to it and you find out years down the line that the person is wrong for you.

Happy coupleplayHappy couple

Biologically we begin to act as people we are not, which is why people seek to impress their partner first. Things like cleaning up your room or dressing exceptionally well when expecting a crush are all biological reactions to love.

But when the biology wears off, you may or maynot have your partner for years to come.

Happy couple



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