6 Tips To Have The Best House Party Ever

Christmas and New Year won’t be complete without house parties in South Africa. Whether on the mainland or the Island, house parties are going down.

Just like anything in life, some house parties rock and others suck. If you are planning on having a house party and you do not want it to flop, these are the tips you should follow;

1) Only invite cool kids

Cool kids are the life of a party especially a house party. Do not invite the razz and the lame to your house party. They will crush the mood and the vibe. Your guest list should be only for the cool ones who know how to turn up big time. Also, have lots of pretty women.

2) Good Music

This is a no-brainer. The music has to be banging and be on an A+ level. Get a DJ who knows a thing or two about house parties. If you cannot afford a DJ, go to Soundcloud a get a pretty good mix and hook an aux cord to your phone. Viola!

3) Invite neighbours

Chances are that your party is going to be loud and disturb your neighbours. If you don’t want them knocking on your door to keep things down, invite a few of them over to the house party to be a part of the loud festivity.

4) Small chops and barbecue

Like really, if you do not have small chops or barbecue at your house party then it is a flop. You need a lot of these to get the party flowing. Nigerians can’t resist small chops and barbeque.

Small chops and alcohol

5) Alcohol

Really do we even need to explain this? Jesus turned water into wine at a party. Enough said.

Homemade spirits and household products containing alcohol are popular throughout the former Soviet Union as a cheap alternative to standard brands but are also blamed for a large number of alcohol-related deaths

6) Lock the doors

If you do not want to find your guests doing the nasty-nasty in your room, your best bet is to lock all the rooms in your house. Drunk and high people do not respect privacy and personal space.


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