6 Things Not To Say After A Break-Up


There are some things never to say after a break-up. Ever.

There are many fish in the sea
This is true, but if a person’s heart is ripped to shreds this little truism will make her think you’re trivializing her Great Love and she might punch you in the face.

We didn’t like him anyway

Especially if this is the first break-up, chances are the two of them might get back together and that will make for a lot of awkward dinner parties later.

He doesn’t deserve you/ he’s a fool/ he’s an ass-hole

When someone dumps you, you feel bad enough already. If that someone’s character is brought into question it makes it even worse.

You’ll get over it

Of course you will. But that doesn’t make it hurt less now.

I told you so

For obvious reasons, duh.

I always knew it wouldn’t work out

Why don’t you just twist the knife all the way and spit in the wound? And if you knew it didn’t work, why didn’t you say something before he trampled on her heart?


Source: News24 Kenya


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